Is drinking from plastic bottle bad for health? There are several proven results and studies confirming this point. Majority of the researchers are not in favor of bottled water. Let’s speak about the recent advancements made by the US researchers. Ecologists, chemists and health experts in this country have forced the government to take actions against the plastic containers especially water bottles containing BPA. They have also shown the harmful impacts of BPA on life. This has created a wave of awareness encouraging the users to buy stainless steel water bottles.

What Choices Do We Have?

Apparently, it seems a difficult war to end the plastic. However, there are unique choices available to limit the use of plastic in our daily life. For example, if you buy the Coldest Water Bottle from The Coldest Water store then you can easily avoid the harmful impacts of plastic. Why coldest bottle? This can be answered by focusing on its features below.

  • No plastic which means zero BPA.

  • Unlike plastic bottles, it is highly durable and sustainable.

  • Stainless steel can be recycled.

  • Zero harmful chemicals or toxins.

  • Effective water management for proper hydration.

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Now it is time to move towards the unique choices rather than sticking around the risky plastic bottles. Those who want to get the coldest water bottles should visit here or buy from Reputed Online stores. The Coldest Water is motivating the users to check on health and environment-friendly options.

A Wave of Plastic Elimination:

Nowadays, health and environment conscious individuals are using friendly products rather than plastic. Chez Panisse, Grand Canyon National Park, New York City’s Fashion Week and The City of San Francisco are united to eliminate the bottled water. Another successful effort made by the AVEDA by installing the water fountains in various streets of New York during the Fashion Week 2010. This wave is unstoppable as everyone who feels responsible is trying to end the plastic products especially water bottles.

Promotion of Local Water Sources:

It is very attractive to find local restaurants where someone can try traditional foods, drinks, and choices. Similarly, the local water sources should be utilized rather than buying bottled water. No one knows the true origin of bottled water. Don’t consider the fresh springs and lakes printed on the bottled water labels. This is just for promotion. The coldest water bottle is a big supportive agent in this matter. Users can fill the tap water, spring water or filtered water in this bottle from the city. Immediately get the best choice coldest water bottle (21, 32, 64 oz or 1 gallon) from our online store to be a component of this wave.

Coldest Water Bottle

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Reusable and Durable Water Bottle:

Plastic bottles are not durable. You can’t use for longer because of plastic deterioration resulting in mixing of chemicals (BPA) in the water. It would be better to choose something which is reusable and durable. We recommend the Coldest Water Bottle as it has both features. Just fill this bottle with water, juices or other drinks and keep using without any fear.

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