-Three Bottle Brushes with Plastic Hanging Loop
-Royal Blue Brushes with Black Handle and Large one with Black/Blue Handle
-Made For The Coldest Water Bottle Insulated Stainless Steel Thermos
-Cleans Any Water Bottles, Lids and Straws
– 100% money-back guarantee & Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturer Defects.

-Three well made Brushes for one price
-Worked Well with our Stainless Bottles, Slim 14 oz & Regular 16 oz Glass Bottles
-Worked great to clean the Inside middle cap of our Blender Top –see photo
-Compact and does not take much space and fits in our Kitchen Brush Holder
-Half Round Large Brush cleans bottles better than any we have tried


We do not own “The Coldest Water Bottle” however we have various Stainless Steel Bottles & Cups and happy to say these brushes clean all of them perfectly. We especially like the smaller brush which gets into places that we have had difficulty cleaning. The photo of the class bottle being cleaned is that of a 14 oz Slim Kombucha bottle. In the past we would have tossed it but now we can recycle it as we prefer to do. Another picture shows the middle cap of our Blender which we had problems cleaning. The Small brush did a great job and it now looks new. I received this product at a discount in return for my honest unbiased review. My reviews are from my own experience and not influenced by any discounts or Sellers. I refer to reviews to help me choose the products I order and hope my reviews will be helpful to others.

Review By Ellen on September 5, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API