As a matter of fact, Hamstring is painful and common. This disorder is common in men as well as women. According to the orthopedics, this disorder is more common among the athletes, sportsmen, footballers, skaters, runners and basketball players. Understanding hamstring is essential. Unlike its name, it doesn’t belong to a single string. It is a disorder in which three bands of muscles start to show malfunctioning. Initially, patients feel stretching and pain. This is mild condition while it may lead to severe pain and stiffness if ignored. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the hamstring treatments.

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What happens in hamstring?

We have mentioned the role of three muscles to move knees. Hamstring strain appears when these muscles get overloaded. Initial hamstring shows mild pain but it may lead to muscle tearing. In most of the cases, this disorder appears when you walk or run a lot. On the other hand, fast running or jumping may also create hamstring in the joints.

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How does it happen?

It is necessary to find the factors leading towards the development of this disorder. It helps the athletes to avoid the dangerous practices.

  • Lack of warm-up exercises.
  • The muscles in the thigh are tight and pulling the pelvis forward. This tightens the band of three muscles.
  • Hamstring, Glutes and weak glutes work together. Weak glutes always cause hamstring.

How does hamstring feel?

In most of the cases, it doesn’t cause huge pain at the initial stage. However, severe hamstring may create regular agonizing. This may lead to limit your movement completely or partially. Some of the common symptoms of this disorder are given here.

  • Quick and severe pain while running or exercising.
  • Popping or snapping feeling.
  • Sudden pain lower buttock or back of your thighs.
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness

Treatments for hamstring:

Proper rest: Avoid putting extra weight on your legs. Take proper rest to relax the muscles.

Icing: Use ice to reduce tenderness and pain. Coldest Ice Pack would be the best option for icing.

Compressing: Get an elastic bandage to reduce swelling in the leg. You can also wrap an Ice pack around the leg for this purpose.

Elevate the leg: Keep your leg elevated for a few moments. This maintains the blood flow while relaxing the muscles.