How to Stay Hydrated (Apart From Drinking Water)? K

The heat wave has finally arrived. With it, many of us are on the risks of dehydration. Some doctor advised us to carry the Coldest Water Bottle along with you to drink without thirst.

At the Moment

If you count on your pints of beer in front of the Football games, you may not survive the heat wave. When the temperature is around 30 degrees, it’s easy to get dehydrated without realizing it.

In normal times, the human body needs about 2.5 to 3 liters of water to compensate for losses associated with perspiration and urine. Our diet will bring about 1.5 liters, and the remaining 1.5 will be brought by the liquids. But in case of hot weather, the need raises to 2 liters, according to nutritionists.

2 liters of water, more than a large bottle, can seem like a lot, especially if you’re used to waiting to have your mouth dry to hydrate you. “If we are thirsty, we are already dehydrated, when it is hot so we should not wait to feel thirst but drink a little regularly, you can have the 1 Gallon Water Bottle. The coldest bottles keep the water cold 36+ hours. It is named best bottle of 2017, 2018 & 2019 by Business Insider and Mashable.

Coldest Water Bottle


Never move without Water Bottle:

Always have a handy bottle of water when you’re at home or in the office. When you go out, take your bottle in your bag. “One can also choose privileged moments to drink water, the morning when waking up with a lemon juice, at least two glasses with each meal. This is already 1 liter of water. For the next half liter, you can vary. It is advice from The Makers of Coldest Water Bottle, Florida.

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A Big Glass of Water on Wake Up:

In the morning, drink a large glass of water for an intestinal awakening. I have learned a trick for those who do not like the taste of tap water on awakening. Add mint or half a lemon for a greater sensation of freshness.

The Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon


Make Variations of the Liquids:

In the morning, we can drink a squeezed orange juice that will provide us with 80% of our vitamin C needs. According to nutritionists, whether homemade or bottled, fruit juice contains no other sugars than fruit. “We must focus on juice, whether they are concentrated or not because they do not add sugar contrary to nectars. However, avoid all sugary drinks such as soda, sweetened flavored water or fruit drinks, which may contain the equivalent of 5% of sugar for a can.

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Tea Rather Than Coffee:

During the day, do not count on your three cups of espresso to be hydrated. “Coffee is only 50 ml of water.” Prefer tea during your day breaks, simply because your mug contains more water than your Ristretto.

Eat Favorite Vegetables:

When it’s 32 ° C, you want a green salad rather than a veal stew. It is good because vegetables are naturally rich and will provide you with a good deal of your water needs. “They contain 95%, so we eat at will,” advises the specialist. For fruits, choose them rich in water, but not too sweet, like watermelon, melon or peaches.

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Beware of the Aperitif:

Your appetizers are essentially composed of hop and alcohol. Beer, although liquid, exposes you to a risk of dehydration. To eliminate toxins, your kidneys will urge you to urinate frequently. Be wise, do not go over the pint of blonde and drink instead of sparkling water or tomato juice to celebrate the victory.

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Stay Cool:

When it is hot, the body will sweat more and thus become dehydrated. You can limit the water loss by cooling with a wet wipe on the forehead, avoiding the hottest hours and staying in the shade, “said experts. And most importantly, pay attention to young children and elderly who can get dehydrated quickly. “You have to offer them regular drinking because as you grow older you do not feel thirsty,” says the doctor.

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The Best Advice:

The health experts around the world recommend drinking water at regular intervals to stay hydrated and maintain your overall health. They advise keeping and carry the Best Water Bottle all the time with you to stay hydrated and avoid health problems.

Get your Best Water Bottle and stay healthy!