UPDATE 4-27-2016 ***After a brief conversation with the seller (see below in comments section), I’ve upgraded my rating by one star due to understanding the product a bit better. It turns out that this is meant for “open cup” drinking, rather than a thermos that would keep it cold for hours. Knowing that, I’ve experimented with it a bit more. What I found is that during the first hour it does do a great job and keeps my drink very cold (it actually works great with milk). I’d love to see the description changed to remove the word “thermos,” because I still have the same issue with the cap letting warm air in over time. But if I’m rating it as an open drinking cup, then it’s a large improvement over my initial expectations.***

Original review:

This stainless steel tumbler is good during the first hour, but doesn’t hold the temperature well because of the plastic top and sipper opening.


– The cup looks good

– It holds a decent amount of liquid

– It’s easy to drink from when you remove the cap

– It’s a great travel mug for about the first hour of travel


– Although the tumbler is made to keep drinks cold, the plastic top lets the cold out and the heat in. My drink stayed cool, but not cold, for about an hour or two when tested in a room-temperature environment

– The sip opening is a plain square hole in the sip lid that spilled all over me the first time I tested it. It did work better once I got used to it, though.

– The top is made of plain clear plastic. It sadly doesn’t do justice to the rest of the tumbler and is the “weak spot” that prevents the tumbler from keeping drinks really cold. When the summer comes and I’m traveling in 100+ degree temps, this won’t keep my drinks cool for very long.

I really think if the company were to make a stronger, rubberized, lid — that this could be an excellent product. I also think it’s a good tumbler for traveling if you don’t need to worry about keeping something hot or cold.

Review by on April 25, 2016