I am so glad to finally have a water bottle brush that is long enough to clean my tall stainless steel water bottle. The makers of this set of product know what they are doing when they have these brushes all in a set. Each one of the brushes is very handy for different parts of my water bottle. Starting with longest bottle brush, the bristles are well paced, and they reach all the way down to get to the hard to get places. They are also very easy to clean, and food residues left behind come off easily with just swishing it around in warm water. It is so efficient that I also use it for my other plastic and glass bottles of different sizes.

The bristles look and feel very durable, and I know they will last a long time. Moving on to the thin, but long straw brush, I really like that the handle is long enough to clean the whole length of the water bottle straw without having to turn my straw the other way. Just like the quality bristles of the longest brush, these bristles are also very sturdy. I am also able to get it into the top plastic straw of the cap.

They get the job of brushing out any stain or grease left behind very fast. The rounded brush for cleaning the inside of the water bottle cap works great. The tough bristles are able to get into every nooks and crannies of the inside and outside of the bottle cap. Lastly, the ring that holds all the brushes together is great for hanging the whole set to dry when the washing is done. I fully recommend this premium set of brushes to anyone who owns any kind of water bottles or jars.

Review By Peaceful on September 3, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API