Youtube Creator Academy | Lesson 2 – Using lighting effectively

Find out why lighting is important for your videos. See which lighting setups and techniques can help enhance your story.

Why lighting matters

Good lighting encompasses much more than whether or not the viewer sees your subject. Lighting can help create the mood and look of your videos. Ask yourself:

  • How do you want the audience to feel? Different kinds of lights, with varying styles and intensity, can give audiences tonal cues. Think about how your lighting helps convey the mood that matches your message.
  • Where do you want viewers to look? Contrast in lighting can naturally draw viewers’ eyes. For example, high contrast can make people or objects stand out. (Note: you also can adjust the contrast in editing.)

Before you shoot your next video, define the mood you wish to convey and evaluate what lighting conditions can contribute to that mood.

March 31, 2019 — Joseph Ahmad