Wonderfully packaged. Super fast delivery. Item exactly as seller described. I hope to do business with this seller again! Thank You! I never thought I’d be so excited over a cleaning brush.

I have been looking for a straw brush for a few weeks now, I’ve always liked the water bottles or cups with straws designed for kids, but refused to buy them because I hate the thought of not being able to wash the inside of the straws! No matter how much dish soap I poured done into it, it never felt clean. So I threw them in the trash.

The bristles on the two smaller brushes are nice & stiff. They will both do a great job scrubbing anything you want to clean with them. The bottle brush’s bristles are not so stiff or firm. In fact, they are quite flimsy. It will serve it’s purpose though, just to wipe some soapy water through a water bottle. I used the shorter brush last night to wash my spiral vegetable cutter blade.

Review By Davina/Debie On September 7, 2016

September 22, 2016 — Shopify API