As we lose about 1.5 liters of water/day (urine, stool, perspiration, breathing, tears …) our body needs for its optimal functioning, we give it back this liquid. Of course, if you live in a warm country where you only eat fruits, you do not need to drink as much; but in our regions where it is colder and where we eat richer food, where even if it is warmer but we sweat a lot, especially if we play sports, it is much more needed or even necessary to go up to 2 liters a day because this water will moisturize, cleanse, purify and lubricate (eyes, joints) from the inside at all levels.

Also, rejuvenate you, and your skin will also be clearer, plumper, luminous and brilliant. In addition, it regulates body temperature, prevents urinary infections and cystitis often repetitive, and helps to lose weight by the feeling of gratification it provides. It is always necessary to carry a stainless steel insulated coldest water bottle to hydrate at regular intervals.

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10 Signs That Show You Are Dehydrate

1 – You are Exhausted / You Have Mood Swings:

Water brings oxygen and purification to your body: The more your cells are oxygenated and purified, the more you are in shape. Conversely, your body will draw in the blood to compensate for its lack of oxygen, resulting in reduced oxygen levels, your body runs at a slower pace, having more difficulties to assume all its operations.

2 – You Have “Pumping” Around 11 O’clock In the Morning or You Are Hungry Soon After Eating:

The feelings of hunger and thirst are associated in the same area of the brain, hence confusion; dehydration misleads you into thinking that you are hungry, start with a glass of water: most of the time the hunger disappears, and if you want to eat anyway, you will eat less because the feeling of satiety appears more quickly … notice to those who want to lose weight …

3 – You Have Trouble Thinking Clearly, Worse You Have A Headache:

Too important, the lack of liquid can lead to a loss of water from the brain tissue, causing it to shrink and pull on skull walls because the total volume of blood circulating in the body is less, so there are less blood and oxygen circulating to the brain; the blood vessels dilate to continue to pump blood at the same time as an alarm signal is sent to the pain receptors that surround the brain, resulting in inflammations and violent headaches. You can check the hydration guide here.

4- You Have Trouble Digesting And / Or You Are Constipated:

Water facilitates the transport of nutrients throughout the body, including the digestive system. It cleans, purifies and detoxifies the whole body. Without it, waste stagnates in the intestines, causing constipation and disorders such as heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux, ulcers.

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5- You Have Back Pain And / Or Joints: Our Cartilage Is 85% Water.

It is, therefore, necessary for the health of our bones and joints, to allow water to act as a lubricant by constantly hydrating.

6- Your Cholesterol Is High:

The body tries, by all means, possible to retain liquid when it is missing. CAUTION: Drinking something other than pure water can cause dehydration (too sweet and nutrient-poor fruit juices but rich in chemical additions and other flavor enhancers, coffees, sodas, dairy products …) so higher levels of cholesterol.

7- You Have High Blood Pressure:

One of the effects of dehydration is the thickening of the blood, which slows down the blood circulation and increases the level of sodium, causing the rise in your blood pressure.

8- You Rarely Go To the Toilet (2 Or 3 Times / Day), Your Urine Is Dark (Brown or Dark Yellow):

Your body goes into water retention mode to provide for vital functions: it becomes more than ‘urgent to restore balance quickly by forcing you to drink a drink per hour!

9 – Your Mouth, Your Skin, and Your Eyes Are Dry:

All their water is part of emergencies! For the cure, same as above …

10 – You Suffer From Inflammations / Rashes, Your Pores Clogged:

Thirsty, your body becomes clogged, your liver becomes engorged and can no longer do its job properly. All emunctories will saturate, the toxins accumulate and only find the skin to try to go out. Acne, psoriasis, eczema, pigmentary disorders, and other ideas will come “to bloom”. Your pretty face and your athlete’s body will affect by the lack of water.

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What You Should Do:

Have the Coldest Water Bottle that is available in different sizes. You can select any coldest water bottle according to your requirement. These stainless steel bottles are available 21oz, 32oz, and 64 oz sizes. Recently, the company introduces 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle and 21oz Sports water bottle. Remember these bottles keep the liquid cold up to 36 hours or hot up to 24 hours. You can keep ice cubes also in it. You fill the coldest water bottle every morning; take her everywhere with you to think about having a drink every hour, or to take a few sips every 1/2 hour. To think about it, use simple mnemonic devices such as ribbon on all the door handles at home or on the wheel of your car, sticky stickers, mini post-it everywhere, or ring your smart or i-phone every hour, anyway, be creative!

What Type of Water to Drink?

The tap water is perfect and drinkable of course. That of a known source will be better if you have the chance to have some near you! I do not advocate that you refill in plastic bottles. In addition, the minerals and trace elements contained in such/such mark/source are only very little, if at all assimilated by the body. Of course, if your doctor recommends for such a health problem, listen to it and make your experiment, then decide … in all responsibility!

Always use Stainless steel coldest bottles to refill and carry with you.

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I Can’t Drink So Much, I Do Retention Of Water:

Just drink 3 sips of water/hour, which you keep every 3 seconds under the tongue to give the brain information that you hydrated enough. But every hour, huh?

This Practice Will Change Everything:

To this physical action, I recommend you to add the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions, so all the levels of your being will be taken into consideration and gradually balanced.

You just have to imagine that the water you drink is like a fountain or cascade of light gushing and flowing in you and all around you to clean you of any stress / emotion that you have experienced recently (or even for a situation of past), removing from your head all rumination or other negative thoughts/desires and feel / visualize this water purify/regenerate, bringing you serenity, sweetness, joy or any desired state. Keep stainless steel coldest bottle to refill and carry with you.

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Imagine also this luminous water lingering on all the tense, blocked or painful areas of your body to release/dissolve all that needs to be (do not look to see “for real” -as in the martial arts. Energy follows the thought – so only your intention counts). THANKS for this coldest water bottle for its work. Even if at first you do not feel anything special. Trust me, something is happening, like a seed that starts to sprout under the ground to appear in the spring. The more you are in the GRATITUDE, the more this coldest water will bring you benefits and the more life will give something to say THANKS.