Which is Better, Drinking Ice Water or Warm Water?

It is a known scientific fact that 65% of the body contains water. This shows how important water is to our body. Drinking enough water to keep ourselves hydrated is more important for health: well is it ice water or warm water? Most important thing is to keep drinking liquid hot or cold with the help of the Coldest Water Bottles.

Drinking Warm Water:

Drinking warm water can help in alleviating pain with the help of heat generated from hot water and can also provide a relief to the muscle pains by giving a soothing and calming effect on the abdominal muscles. Warm water can help in breaking down the food in the stomach and also keep the digestive system on track. Also, it enhances the blood circulation and flushes out toxins that are circulating throughout the body. Warm water can help you to stay beautiful; for a healthy skin, healthy hair and much more. Always keep the water in high-quality Coldest Water Bottles.

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It is beneficial for dry and flaky skin to consume warm water as it keeps the body warm and hydrated. Warm water can also give a rosy complexion as it helps in improving the blood circulation throughout the body. Having a shiny and soft hair is no longer a dream with drinking warm water. As warm water helps to energize the nerve endings in the hair roots and make them more active, warm water is essential in keeping the natural vitality of the hair. Pimples and premature aging which are common issues with people at present can be easily overcome with the consumption of warm water. Also, Warm water can help break down fat deposits from the body, thus help in weight loss. Make a habit to carry the required types of water in the Coldest Water Bottles. This stainless steel water bottle can keep the water cold and warm over 24 hours.

At the same time, it is needed to keep in mind that Warm water can damage kidneys, affects blood volumes and can cause injury to inner linings of the stomach due to its temperature.

Drinking Ice Water:

On the other hand, how about having a glass of ice water? Obviously, it will cool down your body. It is an excellent post-workout drink as it helps in the process of muscle contraction. Most importantly, it combats heart strokes. Drinking ice water can strengthen your willpower which is associated with your mind and which is having an effect in your daily life.

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Carry the Water in the Coldest Water Bottles:

But have you ever thought of the consequences of drinking ice water? Drinking ice water reduces hydration by constricting blood vessels. The body requires more energy to warm up once ice water is taken in causing excess mucus in the respiratory system works hard leading to congestion. It boosts your metabolism rate to keep the body temperature normal. Are you looking to keep the water cold for longer (36 hours)? Carry the water in the Coldest Water Bottles that are insulated and made of quality stainless less steel material.

Drinking Warm Water and Drinking Ice Water:

To conclude, it is clear from the above-mentioned facts that drinking warm water and drinking ice water have their own benefits and side effects. It also depends on the situation and other related facts. Well, it is up to the individual to decide whether to drink ice water or warm water. It all depends on the individual preferences and most importantly the type of situation you are facing in your life. So what is your final conclusion — warm water or ice water? The choice is yours. Always carry your required liquid in Coldest Water Bottles that can keep the water cold and hot over 24 hours. Choose smartly!