Are you confused about the ice pack or heat pack utilization after getting a sports injury? Well, there is no need to take tension as you are not the first one in this matter. There are so many people thinking about the use of ice pack or heat pack decision. Many athletes know that applying ice on the acute injury can subdue the swelling and pain but there are so many others who don’t know this amazing fact. On the other hand, there are people who have no idea about heat therapy in case of sports injury. We are coming with some guidelines to remember. These will help to develop a clear distinction between heat therapy and cold therapy. These guidelines will also supply necessary details about the selection of appropriate therapy in case of a particular sports injury. Let’s begin with the two basic sports injuries (acute and chronic) anyone may experience.


Acute or Chronic Sports Injuries:

Acute injuries are traumatic and sudden. These injuries may cause sharp pain in the injured area. These injuries usually happen because of a sudden accident such as a quick fall, sprain, or a collision. Swelling is the most authentic symptom of an acute injury. You may feel swelling, soreness and pain in the injury. These are some early symptoms of acute injury. Acute injuries turn into chronic injuries if you leave them untreated.

Cold therapy (Ice pack):

In case of an acute injury, immediate and effective therapy is the application of an ice pack (most preferably The Coldest Ice Pack). This reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. Traditionally, the athletes place an ice cube on the injured area which helps to narrow the vessels of blood while reducing the risk of bleeding in tissues. It also controls the aching muscles. It is necessary to monitor the symptoms of acute injuries in order to apply the ice packs on optimum time. There are several types of ice packs available online as well as in the markets. The Coldest Ice Packs are among the most attractive, effective and preferred options in the sports fields.


Heat Therapy (Heat Pack):

This is mostly used for chronic injuries. Orthopedic and fitness experts always recommend the use of heat therapies if there is stiffness in the muscles. Nagging and sore muscles are also treated with the help of the heat pack. Yes, the heat packs are modern options to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy. These are easily available in the markets. However, there are some limitations everyone should remember when using a heat pack. The heat packs are not useful if there are certain skin allergies. On the other hand, it is also ineffective if there is a burning sensation in the skin or part of the injured area.

Athletes who have injuries with bleeding should also take care in this matter. Don’t apply heat packs as they can improve the circulation of blood in the injured area. This may promote the bleeding. The heat packs are ideal to treat tight muscles or muscle spasm. The length of heat application should be 20 to 30 minutes with moderate temperature level.