• Introduction

  • Feeling of Groin Pull

  • Degrees of Groin Strain

  • Reasons behind Groin Pull

  • Key Signs & Symptoms

  • Best Ways to Diagnose Groin Pull

  • Treatment Options for Groin Pull

  • Estimated Recovery Period

  • Suggestions to Prevent Groin Pull

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Groin pull or groin Strain is a specific injury that happens with thigh muscles. Groin and thigh areas suffer from severe pain that is due to tears in muscles of groin. This strain may be more critical in some specific situations. Athletes, sportsmen and other players experience this injury due to extreme stretch in their thigh and groin muscles. This huge stress can tear the muscles and tissues of thigh. Further, over-stretch may increase pain in muscles, while patients become unable to move or do practices anymore. A sudden twist or bend in thigh with great pressure can make it over-stretched that will cause a pull in muscles. This situation becomes more critical and painful over time. Patients may experience swelling and severe pain if they continue walking, running and practicing in game course. Players from hockey, cricket, basketball, tennis, football and running mostly experience groin strain.

The Feeling of Groin Pull:

Groin pull has become a critical type of physical injury. It delivers severe pain to patients. The patients become unable to continue their physical movements and practices. Due to chronic pain, groin strain can become more painful if you avoid having rest. Further, the patients will experience itching during their normal movement and walk. In present, most athletes and professional sportsmen often experience groin injury that fails them to continue their games. In addition, there are many reliable and 100% effective tricks to overcome this injury fast. Most patients give preference to rest. Further, they try their best to stretch the legs and thighs to restore natural fitness. Feeling of groin pull is painful that lets patients observe some signs and symptoms.

Degrees of Groin Strain:

Groin pull has three major types or degrees that are classified on grounds of intensity of pain and patient’s movement. Basically, first two degrees are normal situations for patients. They can get recovered just by having rest and taking some painkillers. However, third degree of groin pull can be more critical, painful and bit challenging to be treated. If you belong to any profession like sports, then you will have greater possibilities of getting caught groin pull. This is important for you to keep observing your physical movement, groin health and stamina. If you come across something wrong with your thigh and groin parts, you need a prompt checkup to diagnose such injuries. This will help you in overcoming pain, inflammation and groin strain quickly. Major degrees of this injury are given below with little detail.

First Degree:

This is firs degree of groin strain in which patients experience mild pain. They may experience a consistent increase in pain due to ignorance of the injury. However, they may have little loss of movement or strength due to severe pain. It is not a typical situation, but proper look after can heal it in next few days.

Second Degree:

Patients will experience moderate pain and little loss of strength. It is also possible that they will have some tissue damages and tears in muscles. This condition can be more critical and painful for patients. They need a prompt checkup and quick treatment to overcome the injury. Tissue damages may take more time to recover.

Third degree:

This is final degree of groin pull in which patients have severe pain, quick loss of strength and movement. It is highly possible that patients will experience muscle tears that will optimize pain. Patients will be unable to continue routine working and movement.

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Reasons behind Groin Pull:

Groin strain is becoming very critical physical disorder or injury. This will be grave over time and when patients don’t put their attention on treatment. They will keep losing their movement ability and physical strength. Finally, they will become unable to move anymore. In present, physicians and doctors have discovered a number of causes and facts behind groin pull. This injury is more common in the people having greater use of their legs and thighs like players and athletes. Extra stress or pressure on thigh and groin muscles will definitely lead this painful injury. You need to keep your body in balance while playing or running. In fact, your sensibility in practices, working and sports can help you in preventing groin pull. Further, you should keep taking full body massage, especially your shoulder, legs, arms and back. These complete therapies will improve your fitness level and reduce chances of body strains and injuries to a notable level.

Key Signs & Symptoms:

These professionals often come across groin strain that doesn’t let them continue their games. Anyhow, there are some famous and very common causes associated with groin strain. Initially, patients overuse their legs and thighs due to their routine activities, professions and some game practices. Secondly, sudden change in direction during fast moving body will also result in groin pull. If you twist your body against your legs and thigh position, it may cause an excessive pressure on groin muscles. So, chances of muscle tears will be higher and you may experience groin strain. This injury is a normal feeling in early stage. It continues becoming grave over time. Athletes and professional sportsmen always experience higher degree of groin pull that doesn’t let them continue their activities. Today, there are some proper treatments and best cautionary measures that develop leg fitness of players and protect them from any pull.

Signs of Groin Pull

Groin pull has some common and few specific signs that help physicians and doctors to diagnose this injury. Basically, there may be a number of reasons, facts, and causes behind happening groin strain. Patients can observe major symptoms of the groin strain, while there is nothing visible in the injured area. However, swelling may happen, but this condition is rare in patients. Swelling occurs if patients don’t take rest and avoid having some proper treatments. Tears of muscles will continue and this condition will cause reddish skin as well as swelling due to quick and massive inflammation in groin and thigh areas. Some common and critical signs of groin pull are given below.

  • Pain in thigh and groin areas
  • Critical pain and itching when moving legs
  • Unable to move
  • Tenderness in back muscles of thigh and groin
  • Severe pain due to popping
  • Swelling due to huge tears of muscles
  • Inflammation and chronic pain in serious conditions etc.

What to Do?

These are key signs and symptoms which you must keep in mind when doing some harder physical practices. Athletes and other sportsmen often have higher chances of such injuries. Sure, these injuries will be chronic and much painful for athletes with compared to common man. In fact, the intensity of this injury depends on the type of practices and physical movements of a person. If you work hard in some fields, you will have a critical level of the groin strain. Chances of consistent inflammation and muscles tears are higher in sportsmen than common people.

Many people from unprofessional fields and lives get worried about this type of pain. They don’t know what they should do promptly once they come across any of these signs of groin strain. Sure, it is best for every patient to move a doctor for complete consultation. Doctors will diagnose the injury by proper means and then declare whether you have this pull or not. They will also pick up a right and suitable treatment method to help you in getting rid of groin strain as fast as it is possible. You should do your level best to recover from groin pull as quick as you can. Further conditions in groin strain will keep your mentally and physically disturbed. This situation will make you unfit for every movement and physical activity.

Best Ways to Diagnose It:

Developed medical science and curing methods help a lot to doctors in diagnosing physical injuries. In fact, they pick up some best and fastest techniques to confirm whether a person has groin pull or not. For this; first doctors check up groin and thigh condition. If patients have swelling; even minor, they can diagnose injury easily. However, physical exams are dependent on observation of patients as well as doctors. Secondly, they discuss nature and intensity of groin pain with patients. Doctors pay attention to various circumstances and factors to make sure whether this is a groin pull or just casual muscle disturbance. Doctors stretch the adductor muscles of groin and then examine leg movement as well as pain intensity of patients. Further, they also refer some other medical tests like X-Rays and MRI to confirm this disorder. These are best and highly recommended diagnosing methods for a groin strain.

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Treatment Options:

Groin pull is not enough complicated and challenging to be treated. However, doctors and physicians select some unique ways to cure groin strain. Selection of a treatment depends on nature and level of injury. However, most doctors strongly recommend following best and most reliable treatments for groin pull.

Cold Therapy – Coldest Ice Packs

Supply of heat can propagate inflammation and muscle tears. So, doctors forbid patients to have hot therapy for pain relief. Secondly, doctors are 100% agreed with cold therapy. They ask the patients to apply ice cubes to the injured part of the body. For this; the coldest ice packs are best that can relieve pain quickly as well as stop inflammation. You need to use th therapy 2 to 3 days for 20 to 30 minutes. Ice packs will help you in getting recovered faster than medicines.


It is a type of physical therapy that helps patients to reduce pain and inflammatory elements. For this; you can use some elastic bandages that can keep affected area compressed.

Anti-Inflammatory Pills:

Inflammation will cause many issues and severe pain to the patients. They need to use some anti-inflammatory painkillers. These pills work fast and control pain quickly. Further, these medicines can also help you in healing from groin injury fast. You need to take proper suggestions from your doctors before to use any anti-inflammatory pill.

Thigh & Groin Massage:

Thigh and groin massage is a best physical remedy for patients. This massage can heal tears muscles fast and reduce swelling in tissues. Further, it stops inflammation and brings the affected area to normal condition over time. It is better to take thigh massage from an experienced therapist.

Physical Workouts:

Stretching affected area can relieve the pain. Consistent physical workouts will help you in getting recovered from the groin injury. Strengthening and stretching workouts are most fruitful. These activities are best to prevent inflammation and muscle tears. All of these treatments are best tricks to cover and cure groin pull.

Groin pull or groin strain is a specific injury that happens with thigh muscles. Physicians select some unique ways to cure groin strain. Use the Ice packs.
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Estimated Recovery Period:

No one can guess an exact course of time for recovery from the groin strain. Basically, recovery period may be few days or weeks depending on seriousness of the injury. If you keep following your doctors exactly and keep taking exercises, you can recover in a week or so. However, you may take more time to get recovered if injury is very serious. Further, if you are taking some physical exercises along with proper medication as well as ice therapy.

It will deliver you awesome results. There are some specific and comfortable workouts which you can conduct easily; even during your bed rest. These workouts are very productive as they can reduce inflammation quickly, while torn tissues will get well soon. However, you need to perform all practices accurately and according to the directions of your physicians and doctors. Most doctors claim that patients of groin pull can recover in a week if they obey their instructions and do suggested apply rightly.

Suggestions to Prevent Groin Pull:

There are some specific directions and suggestions for professional sportsmen to prevent groin strain. If you want to prevent this injury, you need to pay attention to following suggestions.

  • Keep your legs and body warm up before to start a game
  • Use best quality and highly comfortable shoes with ideal fitting
  • Increase your physical intensity gradually and over time
  • Stop workouts if you observe any tissue, muscle or bone pain
  • Give up workouts and games if you have stretched and torn muscles
  • Take regular strengthening and stretching workouts etc.