The best water tumblers on the market are as much important as insulated water bottles if you want to relish your cold water or other drinks. The same technology that is used in insulated water bottles is also deployed with tumblers. You can make a choice of stainless steel or plastic for your tumblers. With the multitudes of benefits that cold water delivers including with lowering pain, you will want the best possible water bottles and tumblers to contain and carry cold water for you. There are quite a number of well-designed products that make it to the list of the best water tumblers on the market.

best water tumblers on the market

Aspects of a great tumbler

Insulation is the prime aspect of carrying cold water and deriving the best possible drinking pleasure and health benefits. Durability is essential as is a leak-proof design if the tumbler comes with a lid. With respect of multiple uses, you would prefer for the tumbler to be able to be used in a microwave. If you are going to deploy the glasses at parties or outdoor gatherings, beauty is quite an important aspect. The design is elevated further with finishes and colors that make the tumblers stand out. Let us take a look through the best water tumblers on the market.


Tervis makes insulated tumblers that have a air barrier between two layers making up the glasses. They are available as a 16 oz tumbler or as a 24 oz tumbler. The tumblers are suitable both for hot and cold fluids. The 16 oz tumbler is 6 inches in height and 3 3/8 inches diameter. The tumbler is suitable for use in standard cup holders. It can be used with a microwave as well as a dishwasher. You can get over the problem of sweating with the double-wall design that has been deployed in the tumbler.

If you want a smaller cup with a wider top, you can go in for the My First Tervis sippy cup which is 5 1/5 inches in height and with a 4 1/5 inches opening. It holds 6 ounces. The company also has a 10 oz and 12 oz tumblers. If you want a larger size, the 24 oz tumbler will be suitable. It has a height of 7 7/8 inches and a top diameter of 3 7/8 inches. All products from Tervis are free of BPA. You can get your tumblers customized by the company. Tervis ranks at the top of the best water tumblers on the market.


The company’s BPA-free cup is made of a double wall that reduces sweat. The plastic cup comes with a reusable straw that is attached to the cup’s lid. Its capacity is 24 oz. The tumbler must only be washed by hand and it must not be used in a microwave. The cost of the product described as sturdy by the company is $16.95. Starbucks also has a stainless steel cold cup. This is also made of a double wall and costs $22.95. This product holds 16 ounces. Its straw is also similar to that of the BPA-free cup while being made of stainless steel too.


The company’s THERMALOCK vacuum insulation is available in its party cup that costs $12.99. The tumbler is made of stainless steel. It maintains the 16 ounces of drink it holds at a cold temperature for 8 hours. The item number is #72591. The product needs to be washed by hand. It is also free of BPA. Ice cubes can be added to the product easily. The THERMALOCK system keeps temperatures constant over both hot and cold fluids.

Contigo has another tumbler termed as Shake & Go. It is a plastic tumbler that is free of BPA. The lid is designed for the tumbler to be taken outdoors. The double-wall design is deployed with this tumbler that can be cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher. The 16 oz tumbler costs the same as the stainless steel tumbler while the 20 oz plastic tumbler costs $14.99.

Contigo’s AUTOSEAL technology is spill-proof and delivers one-handed operation. The lid can be cleaned with a very simple operation.

klean kanteen

The company’s tumbler made with food grade stainless steel holds 16 ounces. It has a double wall and electropolishing on its interiors. It won’t shatter and is suitable for travel. The height of the tumbler is 6.2 inches while the opening diameter is 3.08 inches. Klean kanteen also has a steel pint cup that is made of the same material as the tumbler and also the same quantity of 16 ounces. It has 5 inches of height and an opening diameter of 2.8 inches.

Cool gear has a double wall insulation product that is fine for use with a dishwasher. It comes with a pressure fit lid with a straw. The inner wall of this tumbler is designed like a Coca-Cola bottle. The tumbler has a capacity of 14 ounces.

If you are looking for a set of the best water tumblers on the market, we provide a few picks for you.

US Acrylic has a set of four tumblers available on Amazon. They are made from BPA-free material and are safe for the top rack of the dishwasher. Each glass holds 18 ounces. The height of the glass is 16-1/4 inches and the mouth is 3 1/4 inches wide. The company also has a set of 16 ounce tumblers.

Optix has a set of eight break-resistant restaurant-quality plastic tumblers available on Amazon. These 20 ounce tumblers are made with BPA-free SAN material. The 20 ounce set of eight costs $14.99 while a 26-ounce set is available for $19.99. The tumblers are safe for use on the top rack of your dishwasher. The height of the tumblers is 6-1/8 inches. The diameter of the mouth is 3-1/2 inches. The company says that these brightly colored tumblers are ideal for poolside and BBQ parties. The material that it is made of is Styrene-acrylonitrile resin. The material is a combination of styrene and acrylonitrile. SAN is used to make food containers and kitchenware as well as many other products.

Styrene is a natural substance found in food products such as coffee beans and peanuts. It is produced on an industrial basis from a substance called ethylbenzene which is available naturally in petroleum and coal tar. Acrylonitrile is also a natural substance whose source is propylene.

If you are looking for the best water tumblers on the market that are made of glass, we have a few selections as well.


Libbey has a High Ball type glass available in a set of 12. The height of the glasses is 6.5 inches while the diameter is 2.875 inches. The capacity of the glasses is 17.5 ounces. The model number of the product is 2312. Reviews on state that the glasses are quite heavy. The company states that the glasses are suitable for a party and for everything from milk to cocktails.

Fostoria American

Fostoria American has a set of five tumblers, each of 8 ounces, on ebay for $47.50. The company has a set of four 5 ½ inch glasses for $64. Both of these have flat bases. The company has a vintage model of 7 clear footed water tumblers of 6 ¼ inches for $57.99.

best water tumblers on the market

The Coldest water to market your business

The coldest water bottle is one of the major engineering innovations that contributes greatly to the health of the environment as well as to the health of the body. With an unparalleled feel-good factor, businesses can use the coldest water bottle and tumblers to ramp up promotional activities. The coldest water bottles and tumblers are a highly valuable gift which makes them a perfect giveaway.

Families have the best accessory with an insulated water bottle and tumbler

With a wide range of sizes and colors being offered by the makers of the best water bottles and the best water tumblers on the market, you can pick up a number of products to suit every type of activity and occasion. You can get great-looking tumblers for your indoor and outdoor utilizations. You will make no compromise with the temperature of the water for each water when you have double-walled designs being featured in both your bottles and tumblers. Stainless steel is the perfect choice while BPA-free plastic is also almost as good.

best water tumblers on the market

Workouts are completely enhanced with the coldest water

Workouts are more efficient when you have a bottle that has chilled water ready to reduce the heat that is worked up by your exercise routine and the accompanying loss of water. With the best gym water bottles, your fitness is kept at the highest level of quality as you discover the joys of working out when having chilled and clean water by your side.

When the best features that you seek out over all aspects of your bottle and tumbler utilization are built in to one superior product, you have the greatest efficiencies along with the greatest utilization making up a perfect union that is unsurpassable. Each of the products that are featured in the best water tumblers in the market has superior engineering in the design as well as exceptional materials making up the products. When you have a product that is a perfect match for each of your utilizations, it makes up for some of the most exquisite accessories in your homes and offices. With restaurant-grade products adorning your home, you have the freshness of cold water in an exquisite tumbler to relish the freshness of cold water.

While we all love getting out to feel fresh and to add to our fitness quality, we do spend most of our lives split between home and work. Cold water raises the essential element of water to an exceptionally freshening and satisfying level. As we shuttle between home and office and spend almost equal amounts of time at the home and the office, having the best water bottles and tumblers adds a perfect dimension to cold water as it heightens the sense of satisfaction both with the temperature and the quality of water. A stainless steel bottle or tumbler delivers the highest quality of clean and pure water. With double wall insulation, what you get is almost exactly equivalent chilled water from the time you fill it up to 24 hours forward.

And when we do go out on an outdoor activity, you do not need to get any extra special bottles or tumblers for the purpose. All you need to do is to carry on with your daily habit of carrying the coldest water bottles and tumblers wherever you may be heading. You might need to get a bottle with a bigger volume. The best water tumblers in the market are available in each of the volumes that are necessary for multiple uses as are the best water bottles in the market.

The same tumblers that you take out are also as good for use inside your homes. With a water bottle, stainless steel will go the distance as it is supremely resilient. You do not have to worry about a replacement for quite a long while when you have stainless steel making up your water bottles and tumblers. As some of the most exquisite features are inbuilt with the best products in the market, you have the same level of quality with every facet of its utilization from opening the bottle, sipping on it, pouring it out, cleaning it and transporting it.

Add the most important accessory to your daily routines and to your fitness routines with bottles and tumblers that bring cold water to you at its chilled best for close to 24 hours. The insulation technologies that are being used in these bottles and tumblers are of an exceptional caliber and will amaze you with their quality of delivery. With the best products in your arsenal, you will keep making newer discoveries with your health and appearance as cold water makes a great contribution to your quality of life.