There are several benefits of water. It allows you to live. It regulates your temperature. Water serves each of your cells. It carries your oxygen. Help to eliminate unwanted waste. It purifies your kidneys and cleanses your liver. Thanks to it, you take water in minerals and vitamins from your diet. It brings nutrients to the organs and even protects your body from injury by softening your skin and makes it flexible. Water is essential to your life. Always carry the coldest water bottle with you.

How Much Water A Day?

It is not necessary for all to drink an exact amount of water. All the people have different types of built and also they don’t live in a similar temperate environment. So, Water requirements are different. People who do physical activity require more intake of water compare to those with no physical activity. However, it is necessary that an average person should drink 2.5 liters of water; 1 liter will be provided directly by your food.

The medical authorities estimate benefits of water for a medium-sized adult, without sports activity and living in a temperate climate must drink 1.5 liters of water a day to properly renew his daily water needs.

The exact consumption of drinking water cannot, therefore, be given exactly to the milliliter. Indeed, it will depend on the age of each individual, the body size, the temperature of the region where we live, the sport we do, etc. It’s up to you to increase the volume of water intake to get the benefits of water according to your activities and your level of perspiration from the coldest water bottle.

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To see more clearly, we can say:

Water is life:

Freshwater is important for the existence of life on Earth. Human bodies contain about 60% water and the living organisms can’t survive more than few days.

Sodas, energy drinks, fruit nectars, all these drinks filled with sugar are to be banned permanently from your daily consumption. You have to drink water, that’s enough.

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One Can Easily Understand the Benefits of Water:

Common sense is to listen to your body and get the benefits of water. You must know how to adapt your water consumption according to the climatic conditions and your activity (if you do an intense exercise for example).

The average recommended for the daily consumption of liquid water is at least 1.5 liters from the coldest water bottle if you are in the same conditions as those which allowed determining this figure.

It’s up to you when to increase your water consumption. For example, in the case of pregnancy, the American Academy of Medicine advises pregnant women to drink 2.3 liters of water a day and 3.1 liters for women who are breastfeeding. In the same way, an athlete can drink 6 liters of water during and after an endurance test. All human must take the benefits of water by drinking regularly.

Finally, the best is to slightly advance your thirst and always anticipate dehydration (which happens, unfortunately, more often than we imagine). The best practice is to keep the coldest water bottle and keep drinking regularly.

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Drink Regularly to Get The Benefits of Water:

A good way to control the dehydration is to evaluate the color of your urine. Indeed, too dark urine is not a good indicator. This means that your urine is very concentrated and the amount of water absorbed is insufficient. Conversely, pale urine indicates that you drink enough water. Try to have light yellow urine.

In general, going to the toilet often to urinate is a good sign (however, some medications can urinate, or you can have urinary leakage and that’s another story).

Personally, I realize that I do not drink enough every day. At the same time, between the water and the teas I drink each day (I do not drink coffee and almost never sodas, except in the evening), it is not necessarily easy to assess the total daily amount.

Are you able to estimate the amount of water you absorb on average each day? Can you do without sodas? I am sure after reading this article; you will drink water regularly and carry the coldest water bottle wherever you go.

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