The Coldest Water suggests the utilization of a bed wedge pillow amid rest/sleep to alleviate the indications of specific conditions, for example, acid reflux and varicose veins or to anticipate ulcers. Bed wedges give an additional component of solace, permitting sufferers of torment and different side effects to get a strong night’s rest/sleep to help with recuperating. The size and state of a bed wedge will be dictated by the indications you are intending to treat. Focus on using the wedge pillow in a better way.

Use Wedge Pillow:

Place it wherever it provides comfort. To rest as straight up as would be prudent, place the wedge pillow with the most stretched out end down, the level side against the divider/wall, and the tightest part at the best. Now lay against the pillow and ensure it is agreeable for you.

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Facilities to Cure Acid Reflux, or Lung and Head Blockage:

Facilitate the agony of acid reflux, or lung and head blockage, by keeping this pillow in an upstanding situation as could be allowed. Keeping the abdominal area hoisted will prevent the entry of acid in the stomach through the throat, and in case of the chest or head blockage, it will keep liquids away. It also permits the sinuses to deplete. For a slight grade that doesn’t require such an upstanding position, place wedge pillow with the wide base against the divider, while preventing the stomach touching with the bed surface will help to keep the body up.

Wedge Pillow Under the Knees:

Place wedge pillow under the knees to alleviate back torment. This is likewise a decent position to use for tired muscles in legs, swollen feet, or varicose veins. Ensure that wedge pillow should be on the base sheet, and not on a cover that can make it move during the night.

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For Better Sleep:

Rest on the side without the danger of changing position unconsciously by setting a wedge pillow against the back, with the thin end running under the waist. This technique is mostly recommended by the orthopedics. This is helpful to avoid the unnecessary pressure building on the back as well as on the stomach. The users are suggested to change the position while sleeping. Sleeping on a single position is dangerous as it may block the blood circulation on the pressured side. Those who have an issue of senseless arm or leg should focus on this point. This only occurs when you put more pressure on one side for the longer duration.


No doubt, The Coldest Water has made the wedge pillow with so many interesting technologies but it is necessary to take care. You are going to treat medical disorders and physical alignment using this pillow. First of all, you must speak to your doctor about the issues. There are so many issues having similar symptoms and signs. The physician can diagnose the situation with precision leading to a better or feasible treatment. In case, if you are interested to use the wedge pillow then bring it as it doesn’t have negative impacts on users.

December 12, 2018 — Shane