The water bottle is the number one accessory for everyone doing any kind of fitness or workout. It is something you will bring wherever you go whether it be to the gym or you go hiking. You bring it to class and to work or just for going on a stroll in hot weather. If you have chosen wisely you are the owner of a sturdy water bottle that will last for decades to come meeting all your needs any time you might want it. But it will begin to look worn after some time even if it is working as was it brand new.

You may think the solution is to buy a new water bottle, but why do that when you have a great and functional bottle that meets all the requirements you have. Instead you should invest in a water bottle sleeve. The design is made to fit brands like the innovative Coldest Water and other top brands out there.

A water bottle sleeve will only set you back a few dollar and suddenly your water bottle goes from being an eyesore to an accessory, it is only your imagination that sets limits for what you want your water bottle to be dressed in.

Fabrics used to make water bottle sleeves.
Your water bottle sleeve can be made from a variety of different materials, but the best ones are made from materials that will last you a long time and make sure to keep your water cold all the time.

You can find sleeves made from neoprene for the outdoor person who will be out on the beach or doing white water rafting, it will definitely keep your water bottle dry and make sure it is cold at the same time. You can find it in many other materials and you decide for yourself what material is the right one for you.

If you prefer a water bottle sleeve that is made from silicone to help you keep your water cold and make it look stylish when you are at the mall or out for a walk with the family or the dogs. It will also come in handy when you are out for a run. Nobody will know it is the same water bottle just in a new jacket.

Nylon is also a preferred material when it comes to bottle sleeves. It is a material that is 100 % waterproof to make sure your water bottle is protected from the environment when out in nature or just going for a jog in rainy weather. Other than that it is material made to last and to be used and therefore, top water bottle sleeves of 2017 will be found in many design made from nylons.

Different needs for top water bottle sleeves of 2017
If you are not concerned by the looks of your water bottle and the bottle sleeve, but are only interested in functionality, you can easily find a number of sleeves that will not only protect your bottle and giving it a long life, but the bottle sleeve will keep your water chilled for a long period of time as well and you will have access to cold water all the time no matter the temperatures of where you are.

Other people care a lot about the looks of all their equipment from clothes and shoes, but also over sports bags and the water bottle. With a variety of top water bottle sleeves of 2017 you can change the look of your water bottle to fit everything else you are wearing that day whether you are in your trainers at the gym or you are out walking your dog.

Not just top water bottle sleeves of 2017
For a versatile use you can actually find top water bottle sleeves of 2017 that is much more than an efficient way to protect your water bottle and keep your water cold all the time. Several of them comes with small pockets where you can store things like keys or cell phones. Some also come with a hook to hang from your backpack or bike when you are out exploring nature.
It is a great help that you have a place to store car keys, jewelry, or other valuable items if you are working out and do not want to leave it in the gym storage or in your car.
These water bottle sleeves are in high course with joggers, active fitness participants, and people that do not have pockets in their workout clothes.

To keep your water bottle cold
When you are out in the blazing sun the two best materials for keeping your water cold are neoprene and silicone. Neoprene is by far the material used for top water bottle sleeves of 2017 because of its non-slippery surface. It is also used for wine chillers as well. Neoprene is light weight, comfortable to use, and it gives good protection to your water bottle keeping it from dents and scratches. Being an organic compound made from water and oil it is heat resistant, a great isolator, and the preferred material of top water bottle sleeves of 2017.

The second most used product for top water bottle sleeves of 2017 is silicone. A product that is non-toxic and durable. Though many water bottle sleeves have been made from this material it is not as popular as neoprene. This might have to do with the fact that it is harder to clean, but to some who are more interested in color and design a silicone water bottle sleeve is preferred.
The two materials are almost equally good when it comes to keeping your water cold for many hours.

Finally, some water bottles sleeves are made from nylon. Again here it is more concerning about looks than keeping the water cold, but different strokes for different folks, and all depending on what you are going to use the water bottle sleeve for it can be a fun thing to use in your everyday life just as an accessory.

Which one is the best
To determine which one of the top water bottle sleeves of 2017 is the best for you is not always possible but i tell you might be easy. All depending on what you are using it for, if you are more interested in using it as an accessory, or as a useful tool it is up to you to determine which one you prefer. Some are designed for outdoor living, some are for a walk on the park, some have features that will make them perfect for taking to the gym, whilst others will be perfect for a ten-mile hike in the mountains.

It is with top water bottle sleeves of 2017 as it is with so many other things. You should pick one for each scenario and then you can always change them according to your daily routine, extra-curricular activities, or maybe just change it because you feel like it.

What to look for in top water bottle sleeves of 2017
When buying a top water bottle sleeves of 2017 you have to take a number of factor into consideration. You need to define your expectations for the product and you also need to know, what you will be using the water bottle sleeve for.
First of all, the water bottle sleeve will have to keep your water cool for a long period of time. The sleeve is meant to protect the water rom heating no matter what the conditions are.

Second of all, the water bottle sleeve must also protect your water bottle in itself to prolong its usability so you can use the water bottle for many years. A good and trusty water bottle is something you can have for many years if you treat it right.

If you are just looking for something that is a casual dress for your water bottle you can get a bundle at a really low cost. They might not be good at keeping your water super cool and give it the best protection, but they will make your old and worn water bottle look new and fresh no matter what style, color, or design you choose for it. And who knows, maybe a rainy Wednesday is the right day to dress your water bottle in bright colors to bring a smile on your co-workers face.

If you are a person that always uses your water bottle and you are concerned about keeping your water cool you will have to spend a little extra to get one that will last you a little while longer. Relying on functionality, reliability, and robust material to make sure you will have it for years to come. That is equally important when it comes to your water bottle sleeve and choosing the right materials will give you a product made to last.

Last but not least when looking for top water bottle sleeves of 2017 you will have to consider if the sleeve needs something extra. You might need a water bottle sleeve that has a carry strap, a pocket for your keys or your cell phone, or you prefer your water bottle sleeve to come in a special color or design.

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The best top water bottle sleeves of 2017
To determine which one is the best we will have to let you decide. It is all up to you which one you prefer. There are some that will be your companion for years to come, giving you ice cold water for many hours, be your constant companion through many hours of cross-country hiking, white water rafting, trekking in the woods, fishing trips, hunting, or many hours of other forms of nature fun.

They are often made with functionality as their main purpose in robust materials, designed only to last, keep your water cold, and keep your water bottle from harm.

Then again there are other types of water bottle sleeves made not only to keep your water cold, but also with a specific design purpose. It can be to hold your belongings or to match your wardrobe, but mostly the purpose is of course to protect your water bottle from wear and tear.

We would definitely recommend that you look at what your needs are and then buy one that will fit both your current water bottle, your life style, and your purpose. By that you will prolong the life of your water bottle while at the same time keeping your water cool. With the functionality of the top water bottle sleeves of 2017 you also get the extras such as a needful strap or pockets and you will easily be able to afford more than one sleeve to change the look on your water bottle according to your current mood and needs.
If you are looking for top water bottle sleeves of 2017

If you as so many others find a top water bottle sleeves of 2017 needful look no further. We at Coldest Water are here to help you protect your valuable and most needed water bottle so you can keep it for years to come and with a bottle sleeve for said water bottle not only will you prolong the lifetime of the water bottle, but you will get the coldest water possible for the longest period of time.

Furthermore, we are very excited about all the extra features that you can find for all top water bottle sleeves of 2017 making sure there is a lot to choose from whatever your needs are. We like the fresh colors as well as the practical pockets and our needs are as different as yours. We are proud to make them as versatile as our customer base are.

So if you are looking to buy top water bottle sleeves of 2017 we suggest you buy one from Coldest Water and you will never regret on a hot summer day when you are the only one in the park sipping a nice cold drink of water because you bought one or more of our special products. And your water bottle will be useful to you for years to come and it will look sharp every day.

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