There’s no shortage of cups out on the market right now that tout to keep your drinks hot or cold for long periods of time and it’s pretty hard for one to stand out amongst the others. The biggest thing that makes this one stand out is the logo on the tumbler for one but besides that the quality of the tumbler is far superior than most other options out there. The best and my favorite feature is the matte finish on the outside of the tumbler, it makes it super easy to grip and it also assists in not allowing the tumbler to sweat which is obviously a big help.

I’ve drank a multitude of beverages from this ranging from water, coffee, soda, juice, frozen cocktails, and even beer. All drinks have stayed colder for a longer period of time and not a single one has had their taste altered in any way. I personally like to make one giant ice cube and place it in the tumbler to ensure that the ice takes even longer to melt. I also personally enjoy the open type lid as it makes it much easier to drink my morning coffee from on the go. I was able to test this tumbler at a discount for my fair and honest review.

Review by on April 29, 2016