Thigh Strain | Quadriceps Strain | Fast Treatment

Is there pain in thighs? This could be thigh strain if it is in front muscles. Thigh strain is a muscle pull or a damaged muscle. In this condition, the muscles get damaged from their attaching tendons. It happens just because of undue pressure on the thighs. This may happen while lifting weights, during exercises or training sessions. Damage to muscle could be in the form of tearing of tendons and fibers. This damages the blood vessels causing localized bleeding, bruising and pain. It also causes irritation at the end of nerves.

Symptoms of Thigh Strain or Quadriceps Strain:

  • Bruising, redness or swelling.
  • Regular pain in the muscles.
  • Pain while moving or using associated body parts.
  • Weakness in the tendons and muscles.
  • Complete or partial inability to utilize muscles.

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Should You See A Physician?

Yes, it is important to visit your doctor if pain remains for more than 24 hours. According to some experts, home remedies and other treatments should be applied before contact a doctor. However, immediate contact with a doctor is recommended if

  • You are unable to walk.
  • Significant pain or swelling with the fever.
  • There is a “popping sound.”
  • Open cuts in the thighs.

The doctor will examine the injury in order to write a prescription. In most of the cases, a physical exam is used to identify the quadriceps muscles and quadriceps strain. Diagnosis of complete or partial damage is essential. The doctor will recommend short or long-term healing practices based on the results of physical examination.

Try Cold Therapy:

At The Coldest Water store, we come up with innovative ideas to treat disorders such as thigh strain or quadriceps strain. It is a muscle related issue that’s why it is necessary to utilize some authentic massage techniques. We recommend cold therapy in case of swelling, pain and bruising. Buy the best coldest ice packs to treat thigh strain at home. It assists the patients in following situations.

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Mild or Severe Pain:

Applying ice to the injury is commonly recommended as it reduces the intensity of pain. Thigh strain is a painful disorder. Therefore, you are suggested to wrap the coldest ice pack around the thigh for 20 minutes.

Localized Bleeding:

Ice pack provides a chilling effect. This chilling restricts the veins thus controlling the flow of blood. It is very easy to stop the localized bleeding with the help of icing.

Exercises for Thigh Strain:

Normally, coaches and experts encourage the patients to try self-care remedies at home. This can be done if you have the coldest ice pack. However, you can speed up the recovery process by using some exercises. Don’t forget the P.R.I.C.E. which is a combination of Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate.

Is it possible to apply cold therapy with P.R.I.C.E? You can use the ice pack while using this combination of practices. This will enhance the rate of recovery while improving the performance. On the other hand, mild exercises such as stretching and muscle strengthening for 5 days are commonly used to treat the quadriceps strain.