The Sunflower Initiative – Eco-Friendly

We are a small start-up, founded in Naples, Florida! We believe in owning one bottle, to last you a very long time, while staying cold longer than any other bottle.

Besides our consumer driven goals, we believe in having a strong eco-friendly foundation. That is why we’ve begun our Sunflower & tree initiative.

Eco-friendly Packaged

You’ve already noticed that we package our products lightly, using recycled paper and little packaging. By doing so we are decreasing our overall total carbon footprint.

Sunflower Initiative

As we sell more bottles and gear, we plan on giving back to the earth through planting directly back to the earth.

1 Week into the Sunflower Initiative 3/1/2016


3 Weeks in! We water them every day. In Naples Florida


5/27 – They’re growing! Getting them to stand up straight is tough work..but no match for our team.

5/31 – A little bit more water & sun and boy do they grow


We encourage everyone to plant sunflowers back to our earth. Post pictures and #thecoldestwater . Lets start a movement together of giving back while consuming less.

Stay tuned for more updates. We will post your sunflower pics with ours!

May 31, 2016 — test test