Winter is arriving. Our gloves, hats, and sweaters keep us warm. But besides covering well to face the cold, we must make sure to hydrate ourselves well during the winter, especially if we get the flu.

Dehydration may seem unlikely during the winter season because we are less hot and sweat less than in summer. On the other hand, as we age, the changes our body experiences expose us more to the danger of dehydration, no matter what is the weather. It is suggested that you always keep One Gallon Water Bottle near you.

The Risk of Dehydration enhances with Age:

With age, elders tend to lose thirst, especially if elders have Alzheimer’s disease or cardiovascular disorders. In addition, we generally lose muscle mass and proportionately fatter than our cadet timings, which reduces the water amount in our body.

This situation complicates further if your kidneys do not work as before, which can result in the loss of extra water. In addition, medications that we often have to take can affect our kidney function. Several Drugs or medication may possibly increase the risk of dehydration. And incontinence that we can also suffer can make us drink less, for fear of having more visits to the bathroom, especially at night. It can also pose a danger of dehydration. That’s why; doctors recommend keeping the One Gallon Water Bottle near elders for regular intake of water.

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Dangers of Dehydration are Severe:

Dehydration also lurks longer if our mental or physical faculties are diminished. Inadequately controlled diabetes may lead to poor hydration.

In addition, difficulty in swallowing, frailty, senility, and infections affect your ability to hydrate, and these conditions are common with age. Certain medications, such as amphetamines and cardiac glycosides may also prevent us from drinking enough.

Dehydration in Case of Flu:

The reasons of dehydration are generally known. However, the family members must take of Elders by providing One Gallon Water Bottle near them for a regular intake to fight with dehydration.

Let’s take a closer look that why viral infections, for instance, flu can dehydrate us.

A) Unlike colds, flu symptoms suddenly appear and normally include fever.

B) Fever helps the body to fight infections by stimulating the body’s natural defenses.

C) By increasing body temperature, fever makes the survival of viruses and bacteria and causing infections more difficult. In principle, we consider that we have the fever when our temperature exceeds 38 ° C. However, when one has the fever, one is more exposed to the risks of dehydration.

Reason- Because fever may cause excessive sweating. It does not have to be hot so you lose a lot of fluids through perspiration.

In reality, dehydration could be the sign that your flu is becoming worse. So it is important to keep One Gallon Water Bottle near you to sip with intervals.

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Overcome Symptoms of Dehydration with One Gallon Water Bottle:

Symptoms of Dehydration:

Symptoms of dehydration include dryness of the mouth, tongue or lips. If you are dehydrated, you could have sunken eyes and dry, inelastic skin.

Dehydration may also lower your (BP) blood pressure. It will lead to dizziness, weakness and increased threat of falls. It can also make you sleepy or disoriented. Even gentle dehydration can affect your ability, make you tired and cause headaches. They can also impact your attention, memory, concentration, and responsiveness. To keep away from this situation, you must carry One Gallon Water Bottle with you to drink at regular intervals.

Visit a Doctor If Such a Situation Arises:

You are very thirsty, or if your urine production decreases;
The urine is darker than usual;
Feel dizziness, weakness, unusual tiredness or disorientation;
Your heart rate is accelerating;
Major muscle cramps appear.

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Stay Hydrated with the Help of One Gallon Water Bottle and Be Well:

The human body is made up of almost two-thirds of water, so it is very important to consume enough fluids to maintain a good level of hydration and good health if you get the flu. In such situations, it is crucial to drink water regularly to substitute lost fluids. Bring One Gallon Water Bottle to stay hydrated and be well.

Try to absorb more fluids during the whole day by drinking water, juice or milk between bites during meals. Drink a complete glass of water when you swallow a tablet and keep hydrating if has problems with your urine.

Regular intakes of water improve well-being, sleep, and balance.

Take care of yourself. Buy One Gallon Water Bottle. Keep you hydrated, particularly if you suffer from the flu.