The Growler Backpack for Hikers, Athletes, and Wanderers

Hikers and wanderers roam around the globe anytime in every season. Mountains, forests, valleys, rivers, and much more is there to see all across the globe. And all these things are not explored without proper set equipment. This is why backpack is the most important accessory for Wanderers in which they carry all the important stuff like, food, water, medicine kit, clothes, maps, utensils, tents, and all the other things. The Coldest Water has brought The Growler Backpack for travel enthusiasts.

What is The Coldest Water Group?

The coldest water is a group of engineers and travel enthusiast who has been working on this project for more than a decade now. Their extensive research and years of hard work have resulted in such a beautiful product. If you are also looking for business opportunities then you are at the right place; they are in the search of brand ambassadors, retailers, wholesalers, and much more. You just need to send an email to them.

The Coldest water has gain popularity in recent times for their exclusive range of products. The coldest bottle, the coldest mattress, the coldest pillow are a few popular products. More than 5000 people have already reviewed these products and more are reviewing every passing day. The latest product is The Growler Backpack. It is going to be released in the month of July 2018, but before the release, you can take benefit of the pre-launch offer.

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Some of the Most Exciting Features of the Growler Backpack are:

  • Prime quality materials used in the backpack.
  • Gigantic side pockets are specially engineered and structured to keep big things.
  • Waterproof and durable materials with good ventilation.
  • 65 liters of volume which fits all your gears in one backpack.
  • Pockets can be expanded plus you can attach more materials from outside.
  • Discounts and free gift items with every purchase.
  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturing flaws.
  • Adjustable straps, special cushioning for back makes it most comfortable backpack available in the market.
  • Lightweight backpack

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Pre-Launch Discounts

The 65-liter version comes with a cost of $139.00 and exciting gift items. Pre-launch gifts include discounted price, Free 21 oz ‘The coldest bottle’ which comes with pitch-black color (114.99$), and the Coldest Tumbler. The cherry on the cake is you get all this at shipping charges of zero dollars, which means absolutely free. Once you get your product, you can visit their website and get a lifetime warranty within a few seconds. This deal is real value for money; you pay for one backpack and get a few things more in return which are of highest quality material. You can book only one backpack per customer or per email account.

There is a flurry of backpacks in the market but you need to make the correct choice. You have to select the perfect backpack for you, which are sturdy, comfortable, voluminous, and attractive and most importantly suit you. You can check the blog section on their website where you can find detailed information about how this product is most unique and desirable. The Growler Backpack has all these qualities and that is why should go for it; don’t waste your time, open your pc and order The Growler Backpack today.