As you know, The Coldest Water Company always makes their efforts to deliver maximum comfort to its users. It offers outstanding technologies to make your life more comfortable in a stylish way. For your night sleeping comfort, we designed a special Pillow called Wedge Pillow. That is so much unique and also simple.

Design & Characteristics:

Commonly, you can use Wedge Pillows for sleep or work on the laptop on your bed. You can use it as a base with a coldest pillow on top. Some of the design & characteristics may include:

  • Shape: Basically wedge pillows are the triangle in shape. The pillow’s surface might be plane or contoured.
  • Size: Measurement of these pillows are 23.5 inches long, 23.5 inches wide and 10 inches height, which is perfectly enough cushioning to head, shoulders, neck & the upper back.
  • Inclination: The angles of inclination are 10 inches. Normally, pillows with steady slopes are suitable for sleeping and higher inclination made them more suitable for head rests or backrests for reading or watching TV while lying on a bed.
  • Weight: Its weight is 3 lbs.


What Type of Pillow is this?

This special wedge pillow is designed by our engineers to provide cooling relief to the upper body, legs or side sleepers. If you are suffering from acid reflux, difficulty breathing, back or neck problems, this special pillow can help you a lot.

Benefits of Wedge Pillow:

This wedge pillow has a lot of benefits to discuss here,

  • Comfort: First of all, this special wedge pillow will increase the comfort level. Many people are suffering from sleeping issues during the night & wrong position can also make a disturbance in sleep. This amazing pillow will solve all your problems like this and will give you maximum comfort.
  • Reduces neck & shoulder Pain: Many people facing neck, shoulder or back pain due to some injuries or any diseases. These wedge pillows will help you to reduce all pains and intended to keep you cooler at night.
  • Acid Reflux: This is a medical term, also known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), causes stomach acid to flow into the stomach, which is connected to the throat and mouth. This problem is known as acid reflux. If you lift the head and neck during sleep it will help to minimize the acid reflux. These coldest wedge pillows can be very helpful to reduce this acid reflux.
  • Avoid Snoring: By using this wedge pillow, you can avoid snoring very easily. Elevating the head and neck can reduce snoring by a major level.
  • Better Blood Circulation: Many people are facing poor blood circulation in the upper or lower body. This wedge pillow with the higher inclination can improve blood circulation in the shoulders and arms, as well as the knees and legs.
  • Reading & Watching: While reading a book or working on a laptop or watching a TV, this wedge pillow will give you more comfort.



Our Coldest engineer’s team made an extraordinary item for your comfort. This is made of memory foam and gel. Technologies used in this pillow are “Coldest Fusion Weave” & Coldest Anti-Heat Dispersion Layer.

Why you choose this Wedge Pillow?

Due to its special quality and characteristics, also for more comfort in your bed, you need to prefer it on all other pillows. It can save energy and due to its cool nature, forget about the fans. It will provide you maximum comfort in your bed or room.


Warranty & Availability:

This product comes with the warranty and available on the official site of The Coldest Water. You can also buy this from Amazon.

March 05, 2019 — Shane