The Best Growler Backpack for a World Tour

Choosing the best backpack for a World Tour, hiking, sports, or just strolling in the park is never easy; it can be very complicated to navigate among all the models on offer. I propose a guide to help you make your choice better. Several points will be addressed in this file, with a first part that addresses the different elements to be taken into account and then several selections according to the needs of each person.

How to Choose the Best Growler Backpack for a World Tour, Hiking, Sports, or Just Strolling In the Park

You probably understand it with the introduction, I recommend you instead to go with two backpacks instead you have a Growler Backpack for your trips is enough.

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Main Features of the Growler Backpack

The Capacity:

If I tell you 60L I think you’ll be scared, especially if you “start” on a long trip. To be completely honest, I myself have not traveled with 40 liters as a larger bag (I am currently at 50L, but that’s a bit lower). However, in some sunny countries or for trips of a few weeks, I happened to leave with my bag half empty or two-thirds empty. The more we travel, the more we learn to get rid of the superfluous and we evolve little by little and more or less according to people, to the minimalist journey. You can also consult my advice for the equipment to put in a Growler Backpack for a World Tour trip or Hiking or any sports.

If you travel in pairs, you can also opt for two different formats, a 60L for the most enduring and a 40L for the other for example. Or you can even alternate according to fatigue. The advantage is that if one of you has solo trips in the future, he will be able to choose the capacity depending on the destination and the duration and he will only have to use the cupboard!

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The Number of Pockets:

It does not necessarily think, but having several pockets easily accessible can be convenient. In my current bag, I have 6 independent pockets in addition to the main (more in fact, but there are two that I hardly use). I often put my sports gear and/or my shoes in the bottom pocket. On the sides, I prefer the underwear, which is therefore very easily accessible. One of the top pockets is used to store toiletries; the other is what I call “miscellaneous items”. Finally, the central front pocket is used to store dirty laundry, which allows me to isolate the rest of my business.

The Weight:

There too, there is a lot of variety; we can go down to 1, 5 and go up to more than 3kg. Avoid this last option if you travel frequently during your travels. If you are rather slow to travel, this is interesting to keep a little comfort when you are settled somewhere. The Growler Backpack is an ideal option in this regard also.

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Water Proof Quality:

Impermeability: Few bloggers talk about it, but waterproofing is a big challenge! For your big bag, make sure you have at least one cover to cover it in case of rain. For the smallest bag, especially if you want to carry a computer and electronic equipment, choose one that is waterproof! The Growler Backpack is made of highest quality waterproof (Rain Jacket) and built like no other!


Avoid white that will get dirty too fast! A colorful bag is nice, you ca notice from a distance. So prefer dark and discreet colors, such as black.

The Price:

For a backpack big enough and comfortable for a long trip like a trip around the world, it takes between 80 € and 250 € investment. Before buying a bag, take the time to visit online stores or here or in the hypermarkets, and if possible, load it a little to check the comfort. Do not hesitate to put a little more money to gain quality, especially if this The Growler Backpack accompanies you for the next ten years! Enjoy a World Tour Trip or Hiking or any sports trip!