This summer is a great chance to get that summer body that everyone dreams of. Good thing that there are tons of exercises we can do this summer to get that body that we hope to get. Most of these exercises may sound and look easy to do but they’re not when you start doing them. First off let’s start with the upper body. Now before doing most of these exercises make sure to warm up your body before doing it. Without any warm-ups, your joints will have a great chance of hurting.

The first exercise we can do for the upper body is push-ups. Push-ups also target lots of muscles. Like the chest and triceps. It mostly builds up your chest. Push-ups are more effective with the correct form. This includes all other exercises. Push-ups are also an efficient way to build up your core strength, not just the chest and triceps. This exercise can be done anywhere as you don’t need any equipment or materials.

Another form of upper body exercise is the pull-up. Pull-ups same as push-ups train a lot of muscles. You can do a lot of variations with pull-ups that can target a specific muscle. But overall the pull-up targets the back and biceps and many more small muscles around the body. All you need for a pull-up is a bar to hang onto and that’s it. Same with push-ups, form is important in order to get the best results. Pull-ups is a great way to get that V-shape type of aesthetic physique for your body.

Training your lower body can help you develop and maintain strong quads and glutes and it also helps you improve your running. “No body is perfect, without doing any legs”. It’s something I like to keep in mind. First lower body exercise is the squat. The squat trains your glutes and thighs. If the squat is too easy for you then just get some weights and squat with it. The squat is a very common exercise among most people. So it definitely won’t be a shame if you do it out in public. Especially in the beach for summer.

Next and last exercise is the box jump. Choose a box that is enough for you to jump on. Place it in front of you, make sure it’s not more than 2 feet away. Jump and land with your knees bent on top of the box. The glutes, calves, and hamstrings will all be strengthened with this exercise. It also increases your heart rate. Which helps you burn more calories, while also making you more quicker and more explosive.

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