It’s 4 p.m. After getting through a hectic day at work, why not treat yourself to some refreshment? A tea, maybe? Well, you might be thinking about a nice sweet milk tea with lots of chewy boba pearls in it.

No! Let’s talk about real tea. Made with fresh, fine herbs poured down into your favorite mug or china. Having a cup of tea in the morning, afternoon, or night could be a good daily habit, especially if you want to take a break from the pressure that you’re carrying. And the exciting part is that there are a lot of good comebacks when drinking tea.

Physical Health Benefits Tea could be the best alternative to coffee if you want to take a break from caffeine, and sugar spikes. Drinking tea alone comes with a lot of physical benefits especially if you’re on a strict diet. Studies are claiming that teas enhance your defense towards health traitors such as cancer, and heart diseases and improve your immune system. Teas are also the best for someone who wants to shed off numbers on the scale, primarily because they have low calories, but also they contain catechins, an antioxidant that promotes metabolism. So teas could have a direct role in losing weight.

Mental Health Benefits There are certain brews of tea that can help if having mental problems. Like Chamomile tea that eases up anxiety and helps you sleep. That’s because tea reduces levels of cortisol, a hormone that causes stress. And tea can also improve cognition and memory. So it is best to also serve tea for our elderlies as this might slow brain aging. No doubt why The Queen who also loves tea, amid a very old age, still has her exquisite wisdom intact. So if you wanna ease up some burdens in your head, take a break, treat yourself with tea and enjoy tranquility for a while. Social health Benefits 1 tea bag can give you 3-4 cups of tea, so why not share it with your family and friends while having a good chat. Tea is so easy to prepare especially if unexpected visitors come and you’re unprepared. Countries such as England, China, and Japan are having cultures where tea is primarily involved. Whether it is about meeting with your future spouse, having chat with royalties, or other purposes. Serving tea is a good way to strengthen healthy relationships. So if you feel like wanna meet a friend today, or want to have a family bond moment, turn up the kettle and choose the preferred brew for the tea you’re going to serve. And don’t forget the cakes and biscuits for more fun during the chat.

Tea is no doubt goodness in a cup that you can take in any situation. Whether you want to take a break from your work for a while. want to warm up your me-time moment, do lifestyle changes and improve health, or want to have a good time with your friends and family. A gift you can pour down and a warmth that you can share.

March 19, 2022 — Shopify API