In a hot summer season, we always think about going to the beach and swimming in cold and blue water to cool down our senses. This kind of thoughts is somehow impossible if it takes miles of travel just to get to a nearby beach. We can be hydrated and be fresh if we just drink a very cold and refreshing drink.

But how about our dearly loving dogs that also suffer the heat that summer is bringing? We all know that their body is consisting of 80% of water and they somehow lose 10% to 15% when they do activities or just lay around; unlike us, we are only consisting around 55% to 66% of water in our human bodies. So, the question is, what kind of methods or ways so that they can also be refreshed and hydrated?

Well, there are ways so our dogs can stay hydrated and fresh during the summer season.

  • But first, we must be aware of their situation, what kind of dehydration signs that we must be aware of. We must keep in mind if they are frequently vomiting or having diarrhea, losing energy, excessive panting, losing their appetite, sunken or dry eyes, dry and sticky gums, and loss of skin elasticity, because these signs may also cause heat stroke to them.
  • The next step is to know how much water intake your dogs need. Dogs need one ounce of water for each pound of their body weight. Furthermore, we should not deprive our beloved pets of their freedom in drinking water; we should frequently change their water.
  • If in case that you need to go outside and take a walk with them, it is a must to bring water with you so that you will be able to let your pets drink their waters to stay hydrated, if you can only bring your own bottle, you can offer your pet with water with your palm and they will have the initiative to drink it your hands. When it is hot, it is a must, especially for our furry loved ones with dark coated furs, to provide a cool and refreshing place for them to cool down.

dog drinking

  • If it is breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner time, your pets should be provided with water, especially if their foods are dry and hard to chew. If you suspect your pet isn’t having the time to drink his or her water, try adding up some water to his or her dry and hard-to-chew food. The bigger the bowl of water is, the more they drink water, the better their health will be, and they we be hydrated because of the freedom of accessing water.
  • To add up to summer fun, it would be a great thing to also provide some excitement for your pet to enjoy, such as providing a water fountain for them to appreciate and have fun with. To keep that bond, you can also refresh them with some dog smoothies or a cool and fun pup ice cream or ice pop.

We should always be mindful about our surroundings and the furry loved ones we are with. Heat stroke is a serious complication during the summer so we should be mindful that we give accessibility to water to ourselves and lovely pets. So, keep in mind to stay cool and stay hydrated during summer season.

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