The plastic bottles have become part of our daily routine because we need water for hydration in normal and while exercising. The plastic water bottles are very easy to buy but these are very difficult to dispose of. This is creating an issue for the environment. Plastic bottles have emerged as a serious problem in landfills and oceans. Screams made by the environment protection agencies and scientific reports have forced the people to think about eco-friendly bottles. The stainless steel bottles are considered a best eco solution because of the interesting features.

Environmental Issues:

While talking about the enormous production rate of plastic containers, it is necessary to take a single example. It is not possible to cover the entire globe and its plastic manufacturers. More than one million barrel of oil burn by the plastic bottle manufacturers in the USA. This oil is enough to run electricity from 250,000 houses. The same amount uses to fuel more than 100,000 cars in the country. People in the USA utilize more than 70 million plastic bottles by spending 22 billion dollars. Unfortunately, only 70 % of the plastic bottles recycled properly in order to protect the environment. Where the rest of the bottles go? The final destination of these bottles is our beautiful land and oceans. So it is necessary for all us to use Stainless Steel Bottles produced by the Coldest Water.

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Health Issues:

Plastic bottles contribute to several disorders. For example, cancer is the most common disorders reported in the people who continuously use plastic containers. What causes disorders? Actually, the plastic contains BPA which is a special agent causing hormonal and physiological disorders. We know that the majority of the organisms in soil and water infected by the micro-plastics. The tiny particles of plastic are going into the stomach of organisms such as mosquito larvae and fishes. In this way, the entire food chain is being disturbed and getting the negative effects of BPA.

Coldest Water Bottle and Environment:

Yes, the Coldest Water Bottle is an eco solution. There is no use of plastic in the coldest water bottle. This makes it a fit for the people making efforts to protect the environment. The water bottle contains 100 % insulated materials having the capacity to keep drinks fresh. These bottles run for longer. you can use over and over again. There is no need to discard the stainless steel bottles after a short period of time. You can discard only damaged bottles as a perfect recycling setup available for them.

Perfect Water Bottle

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Stainless Steel Bottles by Coldest Water and Health:

Actually, the company produced high quality stainless steel which is an excellent medium to keep the germs, and pollutants away. Research has confirmed that stainless steel bottles by the coldest water are good to maintain the hygiene. This water bottle is a perfect choice for the athletes and travelers who require water frequently. There is no need to refill the ice cubes in it. The best way to store cold water is to fill the Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon with solid ice cubes.