Having hectic working hours could leave you really drained of energy. And the only practical way to regain your energy is to snack and drink more fluids so you can feel full and get back on track for another busy day at work. There are some snacks that you could just buy from any convenience store, but it’s better to choose something of quality. foods that fill us up and keep us hydrated, especially if we haven’t drank enough water And the best part is that they are healthy.

Apples We can create a proverb such as “An apple a day keeps hunger and dehydration at bay.” It explains it as it is. Apple is known as a rich source of fiber. Fiber adds volume to the food. That is why we feel full if we eat foods rich in them. They also take longer to digest. And at the same time, for fiber-rich apples, they are also 86% water, so you may not even have to bother yourself drinking a glass of water after eating the entire fruit. It may be a cliché that apples are the best food you may bring to work or school, but it really has the benefits that you need to spend the entire day.

Grapefruit These are very common, especially for those who want to control their appetite for weight loss. Like apples, grapefruits have a decent amount of fiber and protein. Eating at least half a grapefruit could leave you burping in the end. If you’re hungry and thirsty at the same time, grapefruit is the best snack to quench your thirst since grapefruit is 91% water. The best parts about grapefruits are the nutrients that they give us to use. So if you get tired of the usual apple you eat during breaktime at your work or school, consider bringing grapefruit for lunch.

Watermelon You don’t have to bother yourself getting a glass of water to quench your thirst as watermelon is full of it. At least 90% of watermelons have So if you feel like snacking during your movie break, instead of popcorn, give yourself slices of watermelon that you can eat while watching.

There are more fruits like strawberries and raspberries that are easy to pack for your lunch but very satisfying for our tummies because of their fiber content. And they are easy to eat. These kinds of fruits are at least 90% water content, which keeps you full and hydrated for the day. There is no doubt that these fruits are full of nutrition that will give you a lot of health benefits. Try to make a smoothie and put these fruits along with other nutritious ingredients that you can serve to friends and family. Spending a day at work or school or even at home could leave your stomach growling for food and fluids. And it’s a good thing that nature could provide us with both that could fulfill our needs. Just always remember to eat in moderation as always, and even though the foods mentioned are hydrating because of their water content, nothing still beats drinking glasses of water every single day to replenish and limit dehydration during work or class.

May 27, 2022 — Shopify API