To sleep well it is equally important to choose the right pillow like choosing the right mattress! The bad pillow can counteract the qualities of the mattress. Consider the following questions before choosing the right pillow.

Are you best-placed head or high? Do you usually lie on the side, back or stomach? What content should the pillow have (e.g dun, feathers, fibers or foam or Coldest Fusion Weave™ with the Coldest Gel Fluffs.)?

The basic form of the pillow is the most important one. It will keep the support without sinking when you sleep. If the shape does not feel good, you move more to sleep to find a comfortable position, which causes sleep to be disturbed. Also, be aware that the harder the mattress you have, the higher the pillow you need. This is because the body (shoulders and hip) do not fall into the mattress in the same way as with a soft mattress.

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Right Pillow for Maximum Sleep at Night:

A right pillow is as important for night sleep as a right mattress. But it’s hard to know what you get when you do a purchase.

Many Americans put thousands of dollars on a good bed and Mattress, but for the pillow, they are not that much careful.

“It’s a pity because the pillow is as important for sleep as the Mattress,” says Sleep Experts.

The Combination of Mattress and Right Pillow

The right pillow must suit the sleeping position to be right and the muscles in the neck should be able to relax. The wrong pillow can lead to problems with the back and neck and headache.

In order to find the right pillow, it is important to test the pillow before purchase. It should be done on a bed of the same hardness that you have at home and in the position you usually occupy.

There is no standard for what it means when it says “high” or “medium”. The problem becomes clear when the lab measures the rest height of the pillow, that is, the height where the head is carried up and does not sink down more.

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The Right Pillow from the Coldest Water:

The right pillows from Coldest have the Coldest Fusion Weave™ with the Coldest Gel Fluffs. The Coldest pillows come luxurious and cool stuffed, delivering a medium-plush feel. However, you can adjust it to your specific volume.

The test also shows that there are differences in the pressure relief capacity with the other pillows. The coldest pillow transport moisture away well and they hold the shape when washing them.

Cushioning and spreading the head’s weight across a larger surface is important to make it feel comfortable. Do not make the pillow and the pressure to the head become too big can cause you to constantly wake up and want to change position.

Coldest Pillow is the Right Pillow for All:

Test winner is the coldest pillow, which keeps the shape in the best, has a good pressure relief and also removes moisture and breathes well. Never go for other pillows because of their poor breathability. If the shape of the cushion changes, it may mean that the rest height changes, and of course it is not good. Previous tests show that many people are very sensitive to it, and especially if you already have problems with your back and neck.

It is recommended, that to get the right pillow, you should go for the coldest pillow with the coldest mattress. Sleep is a beautiful thing. In your own bed’s warmth and comfort, sleep can help you stay healthy. It improves mental skills and charges for anything tomorrow. While having a perfect mattress, it’s essential for a good night’s sleep, it’s vital to have the right pillow to rest your head.

November 22, 2018 — Shane