Reasons behind lightheaded or feeling like faint can include dehydration, any illness, and anxiety. Side effects of any medications, blood pressure quick changes, heart problems, and low blood sugar levels can be the causes of lightheaded. To avoid dehydration, it is important to drink water at regular intervals from your stainless steel water bottle.

This can be seen in old age people. Normally it’s not like more dangerous for life but needs to more careful about these things. Try not to avoid it, it can be more harmful in the future. Dr. Shamai at Harvard University says, if you are not taking it seriously, it may cause life-threatening issues. According to doctor suggestion, if you are feeling like this situation, drink some water or juice and lay down. If you are facing the same issues even after fifteen minutes, you need to take some medication or emergency caring. For any medication, you need to consult with your specialist.

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Lightheaded Causes:

Here we will discuss some of the main causes related to this problem and their solutions as well.


This is one of the reasons in the lightheaded stage. Commonly, if you are not taking proper liquids including water and only eating some food. It can make some disturbance because you are decreasing the level of liquids. In this way, your blood pressure level will decrease and brain needs to get sufficient blood level, producing lightheadedness. In this situation, a glass of water can solve the issue. But if you have not been taking proper diet for days, need to do something extra to rehydrate the body. The doctor can suggest if you need some extra minerals like potassium or salt. The experts suggest keeping and carrying the stainless steel water bottle for regular drinking and avoid dehydration.

Medication Side Effects:

Some medications may cause lightheaded like those medicines that decreasing blood pressure and for more flow of urine. If taken medicines are working properly in your body, it will make you in the situation of lightheaded. You can fix it by changing some other medicines or intake level adjustments.

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Blood Pressure Quick Changes:

The nervous system available in our brain enables the body to control the movement of blood when we hold up. With the passage of time, this structure may weaken, causing a brief drop in blood pressure when we move to up, this is also called orthostatic hypotension. This situation is called the lightheadedness. This can be harmful to a long haul but there are proper drugs available for example, midodrine and fludrocortisone with the help of your specialist. Never forget for regular intake of liquid. Buy the stainless steel water bottle for long lasting usage.

Low Glucose Level:

When you do not have sufficient glucose levels, every part of the body will use your body energy for working process also including the brain, then you will feel like lightheaded. A glass of juice can give you relief from this situation and reduce the dehydration level. But if you need more glucose, you need to take some medications according to your specialist.

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Heart Assault and Stroke:

Most importantly, dazedness might be an indication of a heart assault or stroke. There are some other signs of heart assault like chest torment, difficulties with breath, sickness, arm, and back, and jaw torments. Side effects proposing a stroke are the abrupt starting of cerebral pain, deadness, and visual changes, difficulties in walking or indistinct discourse. Overall in old age people, this lightheadedness might be the only reason of heart assault and stroke. So you need to do a proper checkup of your body for better treatments. But avoid dehydration in any case.