.One Million Plastic Bottles Flown Every Minute!

The production of plastic bottles around the world is reaching staggering numbers. It is a major environmental problem that is getting worse.

According to a study by The Guardian newspaper, more than 480 billion plastic bottles sold during 2016 worldwide. A figure that is up from 10 years earlier when around 300 billion were sold. If you place them in line, these bottles traveled more than half the distance to the sun.



The Vertiginous Figures of the Plastic Bottle:

Nearly one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and that number will go up by another 20% by 2021 to nearly 600 (583.3) billion, the most recent estimates reported from Euro monitor IGPT Report. A phenomenon is out of control which, for some, could be as serious as global warming.

Indeed, at this rate, the annual consumption of plastic bottles is likely to far exceed recycling efforts and compromise the oceans, coasts and other environments.

The Recycling of Bottles to the Trouble:

Most of the plastic bottles used for water and soft drinks made of (PET) polyethylene terephthalate, which is greatly recyclable. As people used around the world, the collection and recycling efforts are fading to keep up and keep up with the bandwagon.

Thus, less than 50% of these bottles purchased in 2016. It could be collected for recycling, but only 7% of them collected and transformed into the new product. The major portions of plastic bottles end up in the landfills or in oceans.

The crisis of plastic pollution competes with the threat of climate change, as it pollutes all natural systems and a growing number of organisms on the planet Earth.

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Plastic is Everywhere:

As a result, plastic is everywhere, even in the most remote places, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation warns that by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic than fish. Plastic ingested by animals and marine organisms, birds, and already found in our food chain, in the form of microparticles!

Marine conservation, Hugo Tagholm, member of the Surfers group believe is that “The crisis of plastic pollution competes with the major threat to climate change. Because it pollutes all natural systems and a growing number of organisms on our planet Earth”.

How Did We Get Here?

The majority of plastic bottles used all over the world are for drinking water. It seems that China is a major player for this dramatic increase, with bottled water consumption accounting for almost a quarter of the global demand. It is according to Euro monitor International. In 2015, the consumers in China bought 68.4 billion water bottles made of plastic. During the year 2016, it rose to 73.8 billion bottles, up to 5.4 billion. We have noticed that Indian and Indonesian people have also increased the consumption and we witnessed strong growth.

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Plastic Bottles:

The leading brands of beverages produce the largest number of plastic bottles. The top 6 beverage companies of the world, including Coca-Cola, use, according to Greenpeace, a collective average of only 6.6% recycled pet (RPet) in their produced products. Nor do they seek to add to the recycled plastic material and none of them aim for 100%.

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For Greenpeace, “It is clear that the soft drink industry needs to reduce its plastic footprint.” And for us too. So, on vacation, forget the plastic bottles and think about taking some water bottles!