Ok, when did a bottle brush start looking like a toilet brush? Gross question, but, look at it. I use refillable bottles. Stainless Steel bottles and also Glass bottles. All is good, unless the mouth of the bottles is narrower than the width of the brush handle, or if the bottle is deeper than your brush can go. That was my problem. I’m not really fond of the wide mouth bottles. So, it was one brush after another. It was a series of brushes that would not fit thru the mouth of the bottle. I found one that would fit, but the bristles were very soft, and when I forget to rinse out my bottles, well, let’s not go there. Then I saw these. They were made for water bottles. One more try.
>>>Important Stuff<<<
#1 Brush with hole on the end and 2 1/4″d attaching ring
14 1/4″ Length of handle, 15 1/4″ including bristles
1″ Diameter of handle (widest part)
1″ Length of bristles
#2 Brush, Straw cleaning brush
8 1/4″ Length of brush, 10 1/4″ with attaching rubber clip
2 1/2″ Length of bristles down the length of the handle
3/8″ width of bristles
#3 Brush, Cap cleaning brush
2 1/4″ Length of Loop of brush, 4 1/4″ with attaching rubber clip
1 1/2″ Width of Loop of bristles
5/8″ Width of bristle row
These all clip together on the ring on #1 brush, or separate as per preference.
#1 brush has very stiff bristles and cleaned the bottom of the bottom of the bottles extremely well. Warning: I sprayed myself in the face with bristles when I pulled the brush out!!! Also, has a rubber ergonomic shaped handle, so you don’t lose your grip.
#2 brush cleaned my straws easily and super fast.
#3 brush curled around the cap threads and cleaned the insides very nicely.
I would recommend this brush set to anyone with refillable bottles. It makes easy work out of cruddy messy work!

Review By Carolet on September 10, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API