I love this water bottle brush by The Coldest Water. I have trouble cleaning up inside of my families water bottle. We all take water all the time, at school, work, or even for gym purposes. I like to have my own water bottle to drink and buying all the time a water bottle at the store is a lot of money and so I decided to just stick to water bottle container. That way it will not cost too much money on me instead of buying those disposable store bought water bottle.

But my problem is how to clean the inside of the bottle. It because ,the lid are small ,i’m having to clean it. But now that I have this water brush cleaner, it helps and save my day! Stress free!

I love how this WATER BRUSH has come in different sizes for different purposes. Between from the oldest to my youngest, we all have different size of water containers..and this water brush have it all. Easy to use and to stored when you’re not using it. The Coldest Water Bottle Brush by The Coldest Water came in time and in a nice packaging.

Review By Mj on September 3, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API