– Appearance: it’s a very pretty handsome looking bottle. And unisex.
– Performance: I received the bottle at 7pm. Washed it. Tested it to see if it dripped. Nope, it didn’t; I tightened the cap and turned it upside down with water inside; not one drop dripped. At 7:45 pm, I filled the bottle with 10 ice cubes and water, and left it on the counter of the kitchen. Next morning around 7 am, the ice cubes melted a bit but they were all still there. At 2 pm, the ice cubes melted half size. At 7pm, the ice cubes were there in tiny pieces. 7 AM the following morning (36 hrs. later) the water was still COLD, COLD, COLD! No metallic taste. It fits in the car cup holder.
I’ve been using it everyday since, and loving it.

I have used this bottle everyday for a month and have not experienced the “mold” thing like other reviewers said. I don’t do any thing special (like washing with vinegar, ect….). I just hand washed the bottle and its cap every night, let them dry overnight to be ready for the next morning. And no problem at all, so far. I own Hydro Flask bottle, Klean Kanteen, and Eco Vessel as well. I found myself using & enjoying this Coldest bottle for cold drinks the most and my beloved Eco Vessel bottle for my tea and other hot drinks.

Review by on January 20, 2016