With so many YouTubers jumping in the mukbang wagon, it’s really difficult to find a channel that stands out…but then, there’s Stephanie Soo. Stephanie Soo was originally born in South Korea, but she grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She had the best days of her childhood, as her parents let her do every stuff she was interested in. That gave her a nice opportunity to nourish her talent and skills, which has helped her secure professionalism in her interest and consequently turn that interest into a career. Stephanie Soo is a South Korean YouTuber who has earned a lot of fame for her mukbang, eating videos, rants, and vlogs which she uploads in her channel, Stephanie Soo. Who would have guessed that she would collect more than 100,000,000 views and more than 1,000,000 subscribers. Apparently, some people have the power to attract masses by doing basic things like talking about random stuff while eating chicken wings. Not so long ago, Stephanie started spreading a message of how safety online is important.

Stephanie gained fame for her self-titled YouTube channel. She has earned more than 310 million views for her mukbangs, food tastings, and vlogging. She also runs a MissMangoButt channel as well, this is where she vlogs her daily life.

She has seen her YouTube audience grow to more than 1.99 million subscribers. She has also earned more than 730,000 followers to her missmangobutt Instagram account.

Here’s a list of why so many people got so hooked on her. Be ready to free up an hour or even a whole weekend!

Her food plating is GORGEOUS.

If you’re like us who love to look at beautifully-displayed food, you are going to ENJOY her channel. Stephanie’s very conscious of how she displays her food for her viewers and this is evident in her 4K videos.

Interesting story time!

It’s kinda difficult (and definitely awkward, as well) to search the internet with stories relating to crime and mystery (especially since we know our search history being watched), but if you’re one whose interests lie in these kinds of things, Stephanie’s channel is your go-to. You won’t get bored with her videos because she’s conveniently (and wittily) incorporated story time videos and mukbang vids in one package. You learn something new everytime you watch her eat.

Her quirky personality and confidence

Stephanie’s personality isn’t something you come across everyday. She’s extremely confident with her personality, body, sometimes to the point of poking fun even at her own self, and she’s okay with it. She’s simply quirky and adorable. We guarantee you, all it takes is just one video, and you’ll start saying “biss” right away.

Consistency is key

If you’re the type who likes to watch videos everyday, she’s got you. Her upload schedule is as consistent as day and night (even during her vacations!). She uploads mukbangs everyday, and even runs a second channel – her vlog channel – where she also uploads videos simultaneously! We love a hard working sister!

She’s drama-free

Trust us, we’re just as shocked as you. Drama? On mukbang channels? Right? (We thought we only hear that with beauty guru YouTubers!) Well, she’s done what she can to stay out of drama, even when she got caught in one sometime late 2018/early 2019. She’s very drama-free, and that’s just refreshing to us who watch her vlogs..

She will try anything

If she’s curious, she’ll try it. Stephanie isn’t a picky eater; she will try literally ANYTHING. She’s even tried Jollibee and that made for an interesting video and gained a lot of views!


Stephiance is a fun addition to Stephanie’s mukbang. Stephiance is Stephanie’s fiancé; he hides behind the camera and occasionally (or more like almost always) appears on Stephanie’s mukbangs and vlogs- but you’ll only hear his voice or see his arm most of the time, sometimes half of his body, and on rare occasions, wearing a panda headdress to hide his face. They have an interesting dynamic and it’s always fun to watch their mukbangs and listen to their storytimes.

Stephanie Soo NET WORTH
Stephanie Soo’s YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers. It has published 701 videos which all together add up to more than 310.8 million views. Stephanie Soo creates on average 30 new videos every month.

Sponsorship: As she has more than 500K followers on her Instagram account, advertisers pay a certain amount for the post they make.

Considering her latest 15 posts, the average engagement rate of followers on each of her posts is $631.5 – $1,052.5. Thus, the average estimate of the amount she charges for sponsorship is between $631.5 – $1,052.5.

YouTube: YouTube has been a platform where people can work by connecting with viewers and getting paid for the ads viewers watch in the process of watching their videos.

So is the case for Stephanie Soo, as most of her earnings and incomes come from YouTube. The subscribers and viewers count of her has risen significantly over the years.


Stephanie Soo started her YouTube channel on March 29, 2017 and uploaded her first video titled “HUGE KOREAN BLACK BEAN NOODLES MUKBANG l EATING SHOW l .” Since then she has been uploading various mukbang, eating videos, rants, and vlogs.

Till now, out of all her videos, “10 PACKS SPICY NUCLEAR BLACK BEAN NOODLES CHALLENGE | MUKBANG” is the most popular video on her channel. It has racked more than 2 million views as of now.

At the moment, her channel is growing day-by-day with over 1.99M following her video content. Also, she is consistent in uploading videos as she uploads videos three to four times a week.


Some of her haters try to drag her down with untrue things about her. However, she doesn’t let those things hamper her career. She handles it with wittiness, positivity and calmness. Moreover, she doesn’t create any such situation that could gain her negative image. She is not interested in gaining popularity with unwanted attention.

February 09, 2020 — Heidi Cold