Water is vital to the human body. We often talk about the hydration of adults at work but we talk a lot less about the hydration of children in school, a subject that is more important. Outside the lunch break, the children finally have little opportunity to drink at school, which explains why the majority of children are in water deficit.


Children’s Water Needs:

Recommendations for daily water intake vary with age. A child between 4 and 8 years old should drink about 1.1L of water a day while a child aged 9 to 13 needs 1.4L of water a day.

According to the survey conducted by the European Children’s Club, only 9.5% of children drink enough. However, the growth of children and their daily physical activity require a perfectly balanced water balance.

The Role of Water in Children:

Water represents 70% weight of a normal child. It is essential for its development and also for its ability to concentrate and learn at school. When a child is thirsty, he is already dehydrated and his abilities are diminished, attentions are disordered, immediate memory problems and fatigues are the main consequences of a lack of hydration. It is the responsibility of the school requires children to be physically and psychologically fit and ready for intense learning day after day. It is therefore essential to worry about the hydration of children at home and at school too. Do not hesitate to make them aware of the need to drink water throughout the day.

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Sensitize Children to Hydration:

The school remains a privileged place to teach children good habits in terms of hydration since they spend a large part of their day there. This is a two-way relationship, the school must teach students to hydrate well and students need to be well hydrated to learn. The ideal would be to provide in schools, water points for children and create moments dedicated to hydration. Parents must encourage the child to drink throughout the day at school, not just in the canteen. For that, you can give a stainless steel water bottle to your child to bring in the school bag!

Keep the eye on little one hydration level at soccer practice or after an afternoon spent at the playground with our 12 oz Kids Bottle. It is designed with the same technology as our best selling The Coldest Water Bottle; our kids’ bottle is the ideal size for little hands. With double-wall vacuum insulation, this bottle stays cold for up to 36 hours and features a spill-proof flip top lid.

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The Advantages of Owning The Coldest Water Bottle:

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The Coldest Water Premium Water Bottles Are Environmentally Safe:

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Just like your children, consider hydrating yourself at your workplace to optimize your physical and intellectual skills. You too, enjoy a Coldest Water Premium Water Bottles to keep close to you to think of drinking regularly.

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