How to Whiten Your Pillows? Keep Pillow Clean

Every year, people celebrate International Pillow Fight Day on 6th April. On this date, massive pillows fights take place in several cities around the world.

Pillow Fight:

This is also the perfect opportunity to have fun and have a good time with your friends. It is the time to fight with pillows, cushions, pillows and other bolsters!

The battle is powerful. It is not only played on a physical level but also on a mental and strategic level. And there! When attacking the opponent, we realize that the weapons, or rather the pillows, have taken a fairly yellowish tint in some places. The fight stops, we take out the sheet (water) white, but a question arises:

Why Do Our Pillows Lose Their Whiteness?

Eh yes! Our pillows have an unfortunate tendency to turn yellow after a certain period. But, why do they become yellow? And above all, how to get rid of those yellow spots those magically appear on those who drag us to the end of the night (no it’s not the midnight demons)?

Why Do Our Pillows Turn Yellow?

I think you already know, but during our sleep, we sweat (for example when we do a marathon in our dreams) and we salivate (dreaming of a good steak). Unfortunately, science has still not found a way to stop these phenomena although many people do not like them.

These fluids secreted by our body are directly absorbed by our pillows and other cushions. Either it stays on the surface, or the liquids get deeper (also, it depends mainly on the type of cushion and the material used to cover it).

These spots are called “tablecloths”. What must also be known is that the latter are a real place for bacteria and mites.

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Mites and Bacteria Make Yellow Spots On Pillow:

This is not advisable for people to use as it will create allergies (especially reactions to respiratory allergies) and it can also cause skin problems.

We clean our pillows for the sake of cleanliness but also health. Because who loves cleanliness stays healthy, who stays in the dirt get the disease? Even when everything is clean, it is possible that the bacteria have survived (when there are more, there are still some).

We are here with 2 objectives that are closely related and quite complementary:

Goal 1: Make stains disappear.

Goal 2: Eliminate bacteria.

We will give the idea to kill two birds with one stone!

There are different methods to whiten the pillows and cushions.

WARNING! Some components need to be handled with care because they can be dangerous!!! (We will let you know when this is the case).

5 Fabulous Tips for Whitening and Disinfecting Your Pillows

To avoid health problems, and before everything to keep them in the best conditions, it is recommended to clean the pillows at least once a month.

Your pillows are household objects that require special care to keep in good hygienic conditions and suitable for everyday use.

Although it is very simple to ignore, this element absorbs the remains of perspiration and dirt particles that create the perfect environment for the growth of mites and bacteria.

If they are often given a protective cover, it is inevitable that they begin to acquire dark spots and unpleasant odors that encourage us to throw them in the trash.

However, before taking such drastic measures, it is necessary to know some tips for cleaning and disinfection which, for a low cost, make it possible to give them a better aspect.

In this article, we want to reveal you the 5 best so that you do not hesitate to use them once a month.


1- Baking Soda and Vinegar for Cleaning Your Pillows:

A white baking soda blend gives us a 100% natural product to whiten and soften pillow tissues.

These ingredients have antibacterial and whitening properties that facilitate the removal of dirt and sweat.


1/2 cup of baking soda (80 g)

1/2 cup white vinegar (125 ml)


Put the pillows in the washing machine and when the water covers them, add the baking soda and the white vinegar.

Start a regular cycle and let it dry in the sun.

2- Hot Water and Lemon Juice:

It’s no secret that fresh lemon juice is one of the most effective whitenings and disinfecting agents that nature offers us.

Thus, it is not strange that it is also one of the best allies for fresh and impeccable pillows.


The juice of 6 lemons

2 liters and a half of water (10 cups)


Put the water to heat and when it boils, add the juice of 6 fresh lemons.

Dip the pillow carefully and, if necessary, add more water until it is completely covered.

Let it soak for 2 hours and wash it with your usual laundry.

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3- Baking Soda and Tea Tree Essential Oil:

Methods to whiten your pillows.

Combining ingredients such as baking soda and tea tree essential oil allows dry laundry for clean pillows.

This product facilitates the removal of yellowish stains and thanks to its antibacterial action, removes dust mites and bacteria.


1/2 cup of baking soda (80 g)

10 drops of tea tree essential oil


Pour the baking soda into a container and mix it with the tea tree essential oil.

Once you have a uniform product, sprinkle it on the pillow and let it sit for 45 minutes.

The time elapsed, rub the remains with a brush and remove the excess.

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4- Laundry and Borax:

The tip of laundry and borax is one of the most popular tricks around the world. She cleans the pillows and gives them a 100% new look.

Their properties eliminate the remains of perspiration and other particles that gradually leave stains difficult to erase.

They also have powerful microbial properties that help eliminate mites and other microorganisms.


1 cup of laundry (200 g)

A cup of biodegradable dishwasher product (250 ml)

1 cup chlorine-free whitener (250 ml)

1/2 cup of borax (80 g)

Hot water


First of all, be aware that it is necessary to take precautionary measures to avoid poisoning. It is therefore recommended to use gloves and a mask.

Then add the products mentioned in the washing machine.

Put one or two pillows inside and after adding hot water, start a normal cycle.

When it’s finished, put the pillows to dry in the sun so they do not smell damp.


5- Hydrogen Peroxide and Lemon for Your Pillows:

The mixture of hydrogen peroxide and lemon provides a whitening house with powerful active ingredients that eliminate sweat and saliva from white pillows.


1/2 cup lemon juice (125 ml)

1 cup of hydrogen peroxide (250 ml)


Put the ingredients in a jump with warm water and plunge the pillow for an hour.

After the time has elapsed, rinse with a normal washing cycle in the washing machine and allow drying in the sun.

Did you notice that your pillows are yellowish and dirty? Choose one of the mentioned tips and keep these objects clean and without harmful micro-organisms.