If you want to stay healthy – It’s cold or hot there is no way or any reason to forget to drink water. More than ever if you are sick. It is essential to take water regularly. The water can feed our body. Here are some tips to quench your thirst.

It is one of the most important elements to live. Depending on the morphology, the body is composed of 60 to 70% of water. But some of this water disappears every day when we sweat, breathe or go to the bathroom. It is, therefore, necessary to drink to continue to sustain our body liquid. It will help us to stay healthy and fit. Every person should keep Coldest Reusable Water Bottle for water intake at regular intervals.


How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

According to the nutritionist “our body needs to absorb 1.5 liters of liquid per day”. This quantity is divided into two different sources. “You must first drink 1 L of water and other liquids such as milk, coffee or tea,” says the specialist.

Before specifying, “There is no absolute rule; we can drink only herbal tea if we wish.” However, the nutritionist recalls that it does not include especially caloric drinks like sodas and fruit juices. “A glass of this type of drink is enough during a day.”

There is also the water that comes from the solid foods we eat: “fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are the most water-based”. Finally, there is the water that emanates naturally from our body.

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When to Drink Water?

There is no perfect time in the day to quench your thirst. “But for good hydration, it is necessary to drink often and regularly, adds the specialist. And do not wait until you’re thirsty, because when you do, you’re already dehydrated. ”

Certain seasons and situations are conducive to increasing our water consumption. “When it is hot, it is recommended to drink between 0.5 and 1L more than usual,” says Dr. Lecerf. The amount increases further when you exercise and the temperature is high. It is then advisable to drink between 1 to 2L of additional water.

Sometimes we tend to forget it, but our body is also dehydrated when we are sick. “In case of fever or diarrhea, the body needs even more water and this is especially true for children and the elderly.”

Why Do You Have To Drink?

“Water is vital for maintaining cell balance and circulation,” says Dr. Jean-Michel Lecerf. Without water, the body risks serious functioning disorders.

We do not want to scare you but the list of symptoms in case of lack of water is long: transit slows down, cramps, breakdowns, cystitis, constipation, dryness in the start and therefore premature aging. So, do not wait to be thirsty and throw your health in danger due to lack of water in the body!

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Why Choose a Stainless Steel Water Bottle?

To make life easier, it is important to have a reusable stainless steel water bottle.

Everyone buys and carries heavy and bulky water packs to finally throw more than 150 plastic bottles a year.

Opt for Simplicity:

The unique stainless steel water bottle! Fill it with tap water or any other drink, wash it like any other kitchen utensil and… Repeat. Simply slip it into your bag every morning; it accompanies you throughout the day. You transport this reusable stainless steel water bottle to work, school, sports, shopping, outings, etc.