Every year, The Coldest Water organizes discussions and surveys to find the sleeping habits of fans and newsletter subscribers. We have learned a lot from this activity. For example, most of the people go to bed around 10 PM to 12 PM and wake up between 6 AM to 7 AM. They are hardly fulfilling the average time of sleep which is not a good routine. Today, we are going to share signs of having a bad or inadequate sleep.

If you fail to shed the Pounds:

Do you exercise regularly, eat well and take care of the body? Why is scale not changing? You need to estimate the quality and quantity of sleep at night. Lack of good sleep affects the production of insulin in the body. It also keeps the rate of metabolism high. On the other hand, people usually love to take their favorite foods and drinks when they are tired. Actually, they want to restore the energy coming from the dietary composition.

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Eating or Drinking Before Sleep:

It is common in our routines. We mostly take foods or drinks late at night during the parties. We also drink alcohol in most of the parties. This directly changes the heartbeat rate. It influences the blood cells and dilation of vessels. This is a direct cause of night sweats and perspiration. Remember, these conditions affect the quality of good sleep during the night.

Do you always Grab Cup of JOE?

No doubt, caffeine is an attractive drug but it has no importance in the diet plans. Taking a cup of coffee early in the morning is not bad but frequent cups will disturb the nightlife. It is recommended to avoid heavy consumption of coffee in the day times. It has been noticed that drinking coffee may lead to irritability, rapid heartbeat and sleep disturbance. Therefore, it is essential to reevaluate the coffee routine at offices as well as homes. Don’t take it as an enjoyment. Try to limit the use of caffeine in order to regulate the hormones in the body.

If you sleep irregularly:

As mentioned above, a good sleep of 7 to 9 hours is necessary but it should be consistent. Most of us experience irregular sleeping routines. Sleeping hours should be maintained on a daily rather than weekly basis. Your brain and body start working on a daily basis in the morning so don’t put them on the weekly routine.

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If you awake longer than Half an Hour:

In normal cases, a healthy person takes only 15 minutes to fall asleep after going to bed. It is important to monitor the time you take to achieve deep sleep. You will need to change your sleeping routines in this case. Those who take longer than 30 minutes should immediately contact a physician. It would be better to try Coldest Mattresses and Coldest Pillows. Both products are based on the latest engineering principles. These products have been recommended by the experts worldwide. Experience the good sleep in a cooling temperature all around which will help you to enjoy a healthy life.