How To Ensure Night Sweats Don’t Ruin Sleep

While you are enjoying your sleep, don’t allow the night sweats to cut through and disturb your cool sleep, thereafter.

It is almost summertime! But for a few, it is summer the whole year, while in the bed. For some, irrespective of the outside weather, they love sleeping hot. For others, sleeping hot is like getting soaked up due to severe sweating.

If you keep waking up every night and see your bed sheet, pillow covers and bedding soaked in your sweat, it may not be the hot room or the way your partner likes it. Instead, there may be some underlying medical problem or your medication is contributing to your sweating.

Try analyzing the situation to know the reasons or visit the doctor to get relief from the situation. Either way, there are some methods or techniques of keeping the heat and sweat away and enjoying a thorough sleep in the nights.

Some General Causes of Night Sweats:

Hot Bedroom::

First and foremost, know that there are people who sweat uncontrollably, especially while sleeping, due to the heat in their bedrooms. Yet, if you want to sleep in such rooms, the rooms should be cool enough to soothe you into a sound sleep.

Talking about the hot bedrooms, as per NSF (National Sleep Foundation), the ideal bedroom temperature to have a good night’s sleep, should be between 60 and 67 degrees. Therefore, even if the temperature is anywhere between 72 and 75 degrees, it is considered to be hotter and not worth the sleeping temperature.

Medical or Health Conditions::

In spite of cool temperatures in your bedroom, if you still sweat a lot, it is better to consult a doctor, to undergo proper diagnosis of the condition and get proper medication, if necessary.

According to medical science, sweating occurs during nights due to fever, diarrhea, cough, restricted pain or weight loss or any other medical conditions. Some of the most common medical conditions that cause night sweats are Leukemia, obesity, neurological disorder, hyperthyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, low blood sugar, some bacterial infections, etc.

In other words, the night sweats can indicate any of the above disorders. So better be well-equipped with general knowledge about such conditions, to be alert enough to pay heed to any indication that the body gives out. In such a situation, immediately see the doctor to appraise him to give the right medical advice.

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Intake of some medicines can also cause night sweating. Such as aspirin, niacin, cortisone, prednisone, acetaminophen, nitroglycerine, etc.

Impaired Detoxification::

Liver along with kidneys help our body gets rid of toxins. If anyone of them or both fail in their duties, toxins pile up in the body, especially in brain, fat tissues and other vital organs. In such cases, the body keeps trying to flush out the toxins in one way or the other. One such cause may be the night sweats. Children affected with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) are known cases of impaired detoxification and hence are subjected to night sweats.

Cure for Night Sweats::

You should know the basic reason for night sweats and try to treat it. In cases of infection or cancer or fevers, night sweating persists till the diseases or illness cured. Perimenopause causes hormonal changes and subjects the patients to unbearable hot flashes and sweating during night sleep. In such cases, hormonal therapy suggested by the medical practitioner. Otherwise, the issue will resolve after menopause.

In cases where medication is the cause for night sweating, withdrawal of such medicines may provide relief from sweating in the night. But if you let know your doctor about the night sweats after taking certain medicines, the doctor may prescribe alternative medicines to get rid of the night sweating.

Irrespective of the condition due to which you sweat profusely during nights, you can give yourself some comforts and help your body to cool down and avoid sweating.

Let us see some ways of cooling our body to avoid perspiration:

Cooling the Bedroom::

As discussed earlier, the temperature between 60 and 67 degrees helps our body not perspire and yet be cool. Therefore, set the thermostat to such ideal temperature settings and enjoy sleep without sweating.

Cooling Your Body::

As the body temperature comes down, the cooling effect on the brain signals your body to go to sleep. One way of cooling the body is to bath or take a shower, just an hour before going to bed. The warm water initially raises the body temperature and then cools down, as you dry out the water from your body.

Lessen the Clothing While On the Bed::

Cotton woven pajamas that are loose to fit and light weight are very useful for night time bedclothes. Other breathable clothes also help the body to drive away from the heat in your body and keep you cool. Synthetics are again a curse to the body to cause excessive sweating. Though avoidable, sleeping naked can help too.

Foods That Heat Up Your Body::

Spicy food is the cause to sweat easily and profusely. Caffeine and alcohol also cause sweating due to raising body temperature. So, better avoid spicy food, caffeine, and alcohol to enjoy a cool night sleep.

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Cooling Mattress::

Cool mattresses are the best bedding to sleep on. The mattresses evenly and allow the bed to breathe. Coldest Fusion Weave™ is specifically developed for heat dispersion and dissipation and The RIDGE™ airflow system improves heat dispersion across the entire mattress.

Memory foam offers contouring support but absorbs and retains heat very easily. So make sure to have Coldest Mattress and Coldest Pillows which will breathe air and help not retain heat from the body, while sleeping. Thereby, it helps from pain relief and also night sweating.

Spread Natural Fibers around While You Sleep::

As we saw the inner side of a mattress and know what material it should consist of, we should also know that the bed covers or the outer cover of the mattress should also be made of heat dissipating material. Coldest Mattress is the best choice.

Bed sheets with cotton or linen or any other natural fiber and with the thread counts of 300 to 400 will help the heat absorb-able very easily and thus give you the soothing effect to sleep well.

Overcome Heat and Sweat through Cooler Heads::

You can also enjoy your sleep coolly without any sweats, with the help of coldest pillows made using Coldest Fusion Weave™ with our Coldest Gel Fluffs. The Coldest Pillow offers cooling five times better than any other pillow with ventilated coldest Gel Fluffs.

To conclude, sleep better without sweats and in spite of any ailments or medication, give rest to your sweat glands, using various ways of sleeping. Always use Coldest Mattress and Coldest Pillows to have better sleep during nights.