How to Choose Your Pillow?

It is a fact; we sleep better when we have the right pillow. It allows you to have a good night’s sleep in Morpheus’s arms and to wake up without a feeling of pain in your neck or back. But in the multitude of cushions on offer, how to make your choice without being wrong? Follow these tips and tricks that will help you find the right Coldest Pillows.

Why Choose A Good Pillow?

You must make the choice of your pillow with the same care as that of your bed frame and your coldest mattress because it is also an essential part of your bedding for good sleep. Poorly adapted pillows could induce bad posture during sleep and you will wake up with back, shoulder or neck pain. You will need to make sure:

– Define your preference in terms of firmness, which should be according to your sleep habits: do you sleep on your back, on your stomach or on your side?

– Opt for specific contributions (ergonomic cushion for people who regularly suffer from back or neck pain, anti-snoring pillow, etc.).

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Sleeping Without a Pillow?

Few people sleep without the comfort of a pillow. It is an essential requirement to use a pillow during sleep because, without it, we quickly made a position that breaks the alignment of the head with the spine. Whether sleeping on the stomach, on the back or on the side, specialists agree and recommend buying the coldest pillow, you make sure to choose according to your sleeping position.

Pillow or Bolster?

There is no absolute rule and the choice between a cushion is rather a story of taste. Despite conventional wisdom, the bolster is no more firm than a pillow, and it offers a similar welcome when chosen.

According to the Bedding Guide Board: If you opt for a bolster and you are two in bed, consider taking a model the same size as your mattress, to prevent one of the couples from being directly head on the mattress during the night!

How to Choose the Level of Firmness?

Warning! The firmness of the pillow should not be confused with its thickness: it is wrong to imagine that the more it is inflated, the more it is soft, when in fact it is the lining and the density that will condition the firmness.

The Pillow Medium Firmness (or medium):

It also guarantees a good support of the neck and head but provides additional flexibility. We advise people who sleep on the side or on the back.

The Soft Pillow:

It is intended for those who seek a cozy support and it is particularly indicated to those who sleep on the stomach.

The Ergonomic Pillow, Memory Foam or Latex:

Thanks to its shape dug in the center, it perfectly supports the neck, head, and bust for some models. It is particularly suitable for those who sleep on the stomach by hugging their pillow). The ergonomic cushion is intended for people who sleep on the side, it avoids the phenomenon of a broken neck.

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The Coldest Pillow:

Do you want to relieve your back pain by adopting comfortable Coldest Pillows that fulfills your needs? It’s a very good initiative. During the day, at work, you can sit in an office chair totally adapted to your body and your activity. And in the evening, you can relax in comfortable Coldest Mattress and Coldest Pillows that are perfect for sweet dreams.

The coldest pillows are built with the highest quality materials, and they are designed to keep you cooler during your sleep at night. We are proud of having the latest technology, Coldest Fusion Weave™ with our Coldest Gel Fluffs. Unlike gel pillows which their coldness degrades over time, the Coldest Pillows do not.