With the passage of time, numerous water bottles made with stainless steel appeared in the mainstream. However, the main objective of the buyers remained at quality and durability. Most of the buyers end their search at Coldest Bottle while looking for the top water bottles having ideal features. Do you know the reason? The Coldest Water is proud to explain the reasons as discussed by The Editor in New York Magazine at http://nymag.com/strategist/article/best-water-bottles-stainless-steel-reusable-insulated.html. Readers are suggested to see these amazing benefits and features in order to make life easier during traveling in remote areas. Here are the main points discussed by the editor of this famous magazine.

6000+ Reviews Online for Coldest Bottle as Expected:

This is the main theme of the discussion. Editor of New York Magazine took several reviews about the coldest bottle and focused on the feedbacks about its features. As a matter of fact, this amazing water bottle has more than 6000+ reviews online. While studying the reviews and feedbacks, he found that the majority of the users or buyers were happy with the features of this bottle. This made him more curious about the evaluation of bottle’s features as claimed by the manufacturer. The reviews and feedbacks confirmed that Coldest Bottle is exactly what claimed by The Coldest Water.

Coldest Bottle

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Tests Confirm Freezing Potential:

The Editor of New York Magazine also focused on the data and tests conducted by the reviewers. Based on several evaluation reports, he discovered that coldest bottle can maintain the ice cubes solid for more than 12 hours. For example, a reviewer reported that this he placed ice cubes in the coldest bottle at 7 AM in the morning and checked at 7 PM in the evening. Interestingly, the ice cubes were solid. This is evidence that this bottle can keep the water freezing at room temperature.

Fresh and Clean Water:

While studying the benefits of the coldest bottle, editor discovered that it is highly recommended to keep the water clean and fresh. In most of the cases, the travelers experience smell and change of taste in the water stored in plastic bottles. There is no need to keep water in plastic bottles. This is a dangerous storage technique. All you have to do is get the Coldest Water Bottle to enjoy special utilization. This bottle will keep the liquids or drinks (juices etc) fresh and clean. Similarly, if you are storing water in this bottle then there will be no change in taste.

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Sweat Free:

Most of the water bottles start sweating at the time of filling the cold water. This is a big trouble as it creates humidity in the traveler’s backpack. On the other hand, sweating outside the water bottle encourages the chances of bottle slipping from hand. Unlike these traditional bottles, the coldest bottle is equipped with anti-sweat materials. This ensures that there will be no sweat on the exterior surface of the bottle. This feature helps the users to drink water while walking, traveling, climbing, cycling or even swimming. In conclusion, the editor of New York Magazine recommends readers to try this special coldest bottle.