I bought this cap for my 24 oz hydroflask standard mouth. The cap fits great and is super sturdy. It is far superior to anything hydroflask is currently marketing as a sports cap. Some people have said they don’t like that the straw is to short for the 24 oz, however, it is marketed for the 21 oz so I knew the straw would be a little short and it doesn’t bother me. (You can just tilt the bottle while you drink to get the last few ounces)
However, when I received my cap, it worked for the first 24 hours and then something shifted in the lid and now the only way I can get water is if I hold the flip top open with my finger while I drink. Otherwise, it is like I am just sucking air. I hope this is just a defect with my straw because I really love the product and my hydroflask.
I contacted the company and they are sending me a replacement cap free, no questions asked. The company has amazing customer service, I just hope the product lives up to my expectations, as it seems like the hydroflask community thinks this is the best sports cap on the market for that bottle currently.
I’ll still use the straw even if I have to hold it open, because it is only slightly inconvenient and I really do love the cap, however, I would like it to function how it is intended to.
I will update this post after I try the new straw.
I received my new sports cap 2 days ago. This one is much better than my first defective cap. I can actually drink water out of the straw without having to hold the flip top open. However, I am still a little disappointed in the product. Even though I can drink through the straw, it still feels like I have to suck really hard to get any liquid, and it seems like a lot of air still gets into the straw, it also makes a slight “slurping” sound, which can not be lessened by unscrewing the lid a little, which the company says should work.
I definitely like the product. It is convenient, easy to use, better than any other sport cap for the hydroflask, and the customer service of the company is fabulous. It just definitely doesn’t feel like you’re drinking out of a regular straw with this cap, but I really do enjoy it and see myself using the cap with my 24 oz hydroflask for a long time.
Review by on February 8, 2016
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