This brush set is perfect. I didn’t realize how much I needed something to really clean my water bottles until I used them.
I have an insulated water bottle that I keep filled at all times. I take it with me to exercise classes and carry it along in the car. Between refills I usually dump out any remaining water and give the bottle a quick rinse. I clean the mouthpiece with a little dish soap and rinse the straw. under running water.
My bottle keeps the water cold for hours, I have had it for several years and I love it. The problem is that it is tall and narrow and it is difficult to fit a brush or cloth inside to clean it well. I often just replace the straws when they become discolored.
The inside of my bottle had become a little stained from the fruit flavored drops I add to my water. With just a few swishes of the tall brush my stainless steel interior sparkled. I scrubbed the cap and the ridges around the top with the little brush and even cleaned the straw. I did not believe the difference.
The brushes are effective and very easy to use. The tall brush is designed so you can actually apply pressure along the inside of your bottle as you scrub it. It is a lot more effective than the usual bottle brush.
I like the way they are attached to a ring to keep the set together in your drawer but can be easily snapped apart to make them easy to use. This is a great brush set at a very reasonable price.

Review By R. Burkhardt on September 1, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API