Yes, it keeps water cold. I’m glad that it floats and has a sturdy loop at the top. But I question several of the design choices:
1) Why black and blue? If I drop it in the water, it’s great that it floats, but wouldn’t it be easier to find if it were a different color that would stand out? And a lighter color would reflect light/heat, helping to keep things cooler for longer.
2) The top handle seems sturdy and I ended up choosing to buy this bottle for that reason, as opposed to the flimsy plastic strap on Nagenes and similar bottles. However, the cap isn’t attached, so you need to hold the cap in one hand while you hold the bottle with the other hand.
3) The grip is at the bottom of the bottle. I think most people hold a water bottle by the middle or near the top. There isn’t much texture on the bottle, so if does slide out of my hand, the grip is useless.
4) Narrow mouth. They could have continued the width of the bottle through the mouth, or at least narrowed it just slightly so that with the cap, it would be the same width from bottom to top. A wider mouth makes it easier to clean.
5) My husband thought having “Coldest” in giant letters along the side looks dumb. I don’t really mind because I’ll end up putting stickers on that over it, but I guess that might prevent people like him from buying it.

Review by on November 21, 2015