I love using reusable water bottles, but the ones I use are really tall and kind of a pain to wash. Up until I purchased this kit I was using our old baby bottle brush, which works well, but it is too short and my hand isn’t small enough to fit into all most of the bottle openings so I can only do so much. I made up for this by using cleanser tablets, but they are expensive and something that should only be used every six months or so instead of once a week like I had been using them. This brush is the perfect solution to my problems. It is tall enough for even my largest and tallest water bottles and it gets the job done easily. I absolutely love and it and do not hesitate to recommend to anyone who uses reusable water bottles!

When I shop on Amazon and I am always honest, no point in writing reviews otherwise. If something doesn’t work for me, I say so, if it is a good product, then I get excited about it and want other people to try it as well. If I think that a product is good in general, but for whatever reason doesn’t work for me, I will still give it a good review, but point out my issue with the product. (This little rant is to attempt to counter some of the people who are rather hostile about people who test products at a discount, which I find baffling. If you want to know how it works it is easy to look it up; that’s what I did. ☺ In my experience, and I have a fair amount, there has only been one brand that black balled me after giving them an honest and low review so I really don’t have any incentive to give an overly positive spin about my experience with a product.)

Review By Mpaunescu on August 30, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API