When we see some old people who mind-blowingly manage to live in their 80’s, 90’s, or reach more than 100, We wonder what the secret is to their exquisite longevity. Whether it’s the premium brand of tea Queen Elizabeth used to drink, a strict all-organic vegan diet, or bungee jumping 10 times a day, and wonder if we could manage to do the same. Health is the very main priority when it comes to making our lives longer. We stick to our healthy diet, avoid exposure to an unhealthy environment, and, of course, exercise. There is no doubt that exercise is the best way to keep your body active and well maintained. And surely that longevity could be guaranteed. It is a good thing that several studies have already proved that physical activity could reduce the mortality rate and could give a net increase in life expectancy of 2–4 years or more. So while we’re still young, we better start doing exercise. Even just brisk walking could give results. But I wonder what exercise can do to our bodies to help us extend the years of our lives?

  • It keeps our bones, muscles, and joints intact. Our bones adapt to growing more bones, making them denser and tougher when we exercise regularly. The same is true for our muscles.do damage to our muscle fibers when we do vigorous exercise, the damage will heal and regenerate thicker strands of muscle. And that process is called hypertrophy. Also, our joints adapt to flexibility when being used too often and in vigorous ways. If we do regular exercise, our bones and muscles will adapt as we age. And that keeps us moving and kicking. Just for trivia, a woman 85 years of age won a Guinness for being the oldest female bodybuilder, starting her bodybuilding at the age of 71. Right now, she’s still not slowing down.

  • It prevents us from getting heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of mortality rates. To pump more blood into the heart, which is also a muscle that needs more pumping, we should perform cardiovascular exercises. Running, swimming, jumping, or any other exercise that gets your heart rate up. The more activity your heart does, the more blood is pumped through your body, which makes your heart even stronger and reduces the risk of fatal occurrences such as heart attack and stroke. So, by hitting the gym, or simply walking all around town, we can beat the statistics regarding mortality and add more years to our life. However, a friendly reminder that exercising alone will not add years to our lives.

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We also need to monitor our nutrition intake. Have a good healthy diet. Proper discipline when it comes to fitness. And getting enough sleep. Make sure that we provide what our bodies need. And it’s also never too late to start your career towards fitness with the goal of living longer. Start now with small baby steps, commit to your healthy routine, and surely you’ll progress. And as you age, you’ll still be able to move and keep moving.

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