According to the latest reports by health and environment agencies, we drink more than 16.9 oz bottled water on a daily basis. Buying the bottled water is convenient and attractive as one can purchase the pack of 24 bottles for less than $5. However, all these bottles are expected to go in the recycle bin at your home whenever you are done. People feel good as they get quality water as well as they keep the environment safe by using these plastic bottles. In real terms, it is not as it seems.

Reusable Bottles Are Recommended:

It sounds good to throw the plastic bottles in the recycle bin rather than in open. We normally do it but it is better to use a reusable water bottle rather than adding plastic to the environment. According to the recent updates, more than 75 % of the plastic debris goes to landfills and oceans. It means that only 25 % of the total plastic recycled every year. This is a frightening and alarming situation. Studies conducted by the environmentalists and ecologists to check the impacts of plastic in nature. Several publications are available confirming the negative outcomes of plastics in nature. For example, a study confirmed the genetic transfer of microplastics in the fishes. It means that we are consuming foods being fed on chemical-based plastic.

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Focus on Coldest Water Bottle:

The coldest water presents outstanding water bottles which fit in all aspects. These coldest water bottles use the latest technologies. The basic ideas behind the production of the coldest water bottles are protecting the environment. It doesn’t include plastic in composition. On the other hand, it is not a metal bottle which deteriorates with the passage of time. These stainless steel coldest water bottles have an insulated inner. This quality protects the water from corrosion.

Avoid Plastic Water Bottles:

No doubt, packaged bottles contain safe and healthy water but these are dangerous themselves. These are produced using different types of chemicals. These chemicals are producing health issues such as dizziness and asthma. Some studies confirm the involvement of plastic bottle chemicals in the development of breast cancer. On the other hand, more than 90 % of the total cost of disposable water bottles goes to manufacturing. It means that producing plastic bottle is expensive so why don’t you try the environment-friendly coldest water bottles.

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Reduce Carbon Emission:

As a matter of fact, plastic water bottles are causing environmental pollution. Plastic bottles add harmful gases such as carbon dioxide (2.5 million tons) annually. It takes 17 million barrels of oil to generate plastic bottles consumed in a year. The same amount of oil should use to power 190,000 homes and 1.3 million cars in a year. It is not about you and your family. It is about you and your country’s economics. Don’t you want to save money? Therefore, you try to use the green technologies such as the coldest water bottle available in different sizes rather than using harmful plastic bottles.