Whatever the age, water is essential for the body. It is important to be well hydrated and have sufficient water intake throughout the day, never to be dehydrated. It is better carrying the 1 gallon coldest water bottle or any size of Coldest Reusable Water Bottle.

Water and Sport:

Having regular physical activity is great for your health. Whether you are a top athlete or casual athlete, hydration is an essential element in the practice of physical exercises. Indeed, during a prolonged physical exercise, the temperature of the body increases.

The removal of water by transpiration then plays a thermoregulatory role by lowering the temperature. Without this mechanism, the body could suffer serious damage. Water also helps to eliminate the waste produced during physical activity (carbon dioxide, lactic acid) and responds to the increased energy requirements related to muscle work.

It is necessary to drink to compensate for these losses, and avoid dehydration. Flat-water is the most suitable drink. It is essential to keep any size of Coldest Reusable Water Bottle according to your choice.

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Drink Before, During And After Exercise!

Did you know?

As soon as water loss represents more than 1% of body weight, dehydration decreases physical performance.

With age, the body’s water content decreases to 53% in a 70-year-old.

On the other hand, the mechanisms of thirst are modified. The neurons of the “center of thirst” become less receptive and therefore less effective. The feeling of thirst is later and less intense. The elderly person feels more quickly satisfied and therefore has a tendency to spontaneously restrict their water intake.

Likewise, the phenomena of elimination of water and salt are disturbed, this being due essentially to renal aging.

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Senior has an increased risk of dehydration due to impaired thirst.

In addition to constipation, dehydration can trigger a state of torpor or dizziness with the risk of falling.

Action Required:

Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink, especially in case of extreme heat, fever or digestive disorders.

Keep a Reusable Water Bottle at your fingertips and instill a rhythm for drinking at fixed times throughout the day.

A regular supply of water allows the mother to prevent urinary tract infection and constipation, which often occur during pregnancy.

Water is the only essential drink, but tea or coffee can be consumed in moderate amounts. Herbal teas can also supplement the daily intake of drink and facilitate the digestion or sleep of the future mother. However, alcohol is strongly discouraged throughout pregnancy because it has adverse effects on the development of the fetus.

Baby and Young Child:

The baby and the young child do not necessarily know how to express their thirst and they are sensitive to dehydration, especially during hot weather, diarrhea or fever. It is; therefore, necessary to be vigilant and regularly offer them to drink. Water is, of course, the only essential drink. Always carry Reusable Water Bottle along with you for regular intakes.

For young children, it is better to reserve sweet drinks for festive occasions. Fruit juices are interesting for their vitamin intake. However, the only essential drink during meals is water.

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Tips for Moms:

For the infant: Most of baby’s needs covered by breastfeeding or baby bottles. But these contributions may be insufficient in case of high heat: do not hesitate to offer mineral water weakly between meals.

At school: Put a small Reusable Water Bottle of mineral water in your child’s school bag. The baby will be able to drink regularly throughout the day. In general, offer water to your children. By habituating them to drink water regularly, you preserve their health.