Your body is a temple and water is what purifies it. If you constantly find yourself feeling lethargic or come down with splitting headaches in the middle of a busy day, the reason could be very simple. The performance of your body will indicate that you are dehydrated. We often ignore how much fluid our body needs. For most people, 8 glasses of water are recommended. But for bodybuilders performing extensive workout routines regularly, the fluid intake needs to be higher. Water plays an important role in the human life.

1- Improve Body Functions:

Water plays a crucial role in the way our body and mind functions. It causes your body to go into panic mode, drastically dropping sensory abilities and affecting motor skills. Thinking of doing a hundred bench presses? Your muscles will abnormally contract, cramping up and hurting your performance in the gym, as well as in the bedroom.

To avoid this, you should drink sip water at regular intervals with 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle to keep your mind focused and body energetic. But don’t overdo it; drinking more than one liter of water can cause your body to go into shock from water intoxication.


The water in our body is divided into three compartments: intracellular water, extracellular water, and blood. The quantity must remain constant and its concentration of ions, mainly Na + and K +. Keep 1 gallon coldest water bottle to stay hydrated.

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2- Enhance Your Performance:

If you find yourself sneaking into the gym whenever you catch a break, your body needs extra care and fluids. Your body loses water fast, making you drag your feet around, feeling cranky and depressed. Nothing can be less sexy than you fluff around the gym without being able to perform your best. Same goes for your sexual prowess as well. Dehydration causes slight shrinkage in brain cells which will leave your brain chemicals imbalanced, leaving you even more irritated.

The rule of thumb during workouts is slowly sipping 250ml of water every 30 minutes. So, keep a sipper handy.


Like air, water is a vital element in life. Water is also the vehicle of the figured elements of the blood, as well as that of certain secretions (tears, digestive juices). It is necessary to maintain the temperature (sweating) and the elimination of soluble waste (urine). We can’t go without more than five days. A loss of 10 to 15% can lead to death. 1 gallon coldest water bottle will help you to stay hydrated.

3- Dehydration Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction:

Performing to the peak of your abilities in the bed can be a difficult task if your body is thirsty. A research indicates the amount of blood cells that circulate around our body, carrying oxygen to the cells is directly related to the amount of fluids consumed. This, in turn, raises the levels of a hormone named Angiotensin, which is related to the causes of erectile dysfunction. You don’t need expensive tablets to fix what a sip of cool, refreshing water can do.


The normal functioning of the body leads to the loss of about 2.6 liters per day. These losses should be balanced by equivalent contributions. Athletes, because of increased sweating during exercise, lose more water. Refueling is an important step during the running. Thus it is crucial to keep the coldest water bottle to stay hydrated.

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4- Water Aids Muscle Growth:

Water plays an important role in the human body. Water does reduce the amount of testosterone secretion in your body, which means men who lacked fluids in the body before a workout, will have less testosterone levels in your body. Testosterone is the hormone that boosts muscle growth, which means your two-hour workout does not have half the pump as it would if you had dehydrated beforehand. Not only that, dehydration is also highly likely to cause raised cortisol levels in your body, which is a stress hormone and affects muscle growth as well.


If the dehydration is less than 1%, no effect, maximum performance of the body, if it reaches 2%, onset of thirst, if it is about 3%, intense thirst and risk of decreased cognitive function (vigilance, lucidity), if it exceeds 5% concentration difficulties, headaches, decreased performance by 20 to 30% for athletes and if the deficit is greater than 6% there is danger! When one reaches 10% it is coma then death…

Try not reaching this level, staying hydrated with the help of coldest water bottles.

Find out from your physician how much daily fluid intake will keep you performing like a Rockstar, and drink more water!